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Hollywood Feet™ Secret Gel Cushions help alleviate the pain associated with wearing heels. The clear Gel Cushions are also lightly scented.


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2 Pairs


Myer, David Jones, Portmans, Sportsgirl, Woolworths, Big W, Dotti, Equip, Priceline, and other selected pharmacies.

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It smells nice, I like the lavender scent which is subtle enough. I used it in my formal stilettos, but after about half an hour, my feel hurt anyways. But I guess it did lessen the amount of pain that I would've experienced without using them.

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Lavender Scented

I especially love that these are scented gently with lavender. They are made of a clear rubbery jelly stuff that helps to absorb a bit of impact on the ball of the foot which lightens the load on my feet when I'm wearing a higher heel and the balls of my feet need a bit of extra attention to their comfort. I found it a bit of a weird feeling at first wore them in my shoes but when I was out I completely forgot about them and my feel were in more comfort because of it.

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I'm a flats day-to-day person and usually when I have a night out, but for big occasions or special nights out when only heels will do, these are an essential. Whilst my feet will inevitably be sore by the end of the night, they make shoes much more comfortable and stop slipping too. Reusable so can be switched between pairs.

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this was great when i first started wearing heels. they really help take the pressure off the balls of ur feet, especially with shit shoes that have no cussions in that area.

but i think we all know that there is no cure for sore feet it does take the edge off but u also have to make sure u position the correctly and evenly and then try them on and make sure they are in the right spot so it coul take a couple of goes.

u can remove them and put them in other shoes but its sort of best to just buy another pair for ur other shoes so u dont have to re apply them to the shoe. they can also come lose if ur feet get sweaty and after time end up lookig dirty and smelling bad.

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Great for those Killer Heels.

I am one of those girls that love heels but can not stand the associated pain and discomfort. Anything I can find to make it easier I will buy. These secret heel pads are a life saver. These cushion my feel all night. You can not see them, even in tiny strappy heels and for $9.95 why wouldn't you?

Read the full review of Secret Gel Cushions by aussie_cat87.



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Anything to make heels comfier is a Godsend

Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Ferragamo heels were at least 30% more comfortable with the addition of these gel cushions. I've since stuck them into a pair of stiletto gladiator heels and the comfort level went up a notch in them too. Great item to have and yes, re-usability means you don't have to get a pair of inserts for every pair of heels, just switch them around. The lavender scent is a bonus.

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These gel cushions are great for slipping into your heels so that they dont hurt as much! So easy to slip and and don't move around once they're in there which is great!
You get 2 pairs for a $9.95 pack and they are re-usable so thats good value! I have them in quite a few pairs of my heels as they just make them so much comfier!

Read the full review of Secret Gel Cushions by SamanthaRose12.

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