Raise your hand if sometimes you’re a little self-conscious of your smile. Keep it up if it’s because you don’t quite have the gleaming pearlers you’d like, but can’t bring yourself to fork out your hard-earned cash on getting them professionally whitened.

We feel your pain, which is exactly why we know you’ll be just as excited as we were when we discovered this super-effective, and more importantly, budget-friendly whitening toothpaste.

Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice, the younger cousin of Colgate MaxWhite ONE, works hard to remove surface stains from your teeth (think stains caused by coffee, smoking, or wine), leaving your teeth one shade whiter in a mere seven days. And for an affordable $5.99 a pop, this is one staple you won’t feel guilty repurchasing.

Just to ensure that new mega-watt smile of yours is the best that it can be, make sure you:
-    Gently brush your teeth in a circular motion at a 45-degree angle to your gums (while twice-daily brushing is the standard, Colgate recommend you brush with MaxWhite ONE three times a day to see results in just a week).
-    Exfoliate your lips regularly. Chapped, cracked lips are a no-no.
-    Always check for food stuck between your teeth before posing for that picture!

Celebs, eat your hearts out.

Like the sound of Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice? Check out what our Trial Team had to say about their road-test…

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