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Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice helps improve the whiteness of your teeth in one week. The whitening toothepaste features a formula with whitening accelerators that work to remove surface stains, leaving your teeth one shade whiter in seven days.

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Princess Per...


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GLOSSCARS 2013 - Minty Magic

I'm on to my second box of this toothpaste so you know that I really like it! This is a toothpaste that really does whiten teeth fast and it has a great minty taste too unlike some whitening products. Here are some of my ponderings on this product:

PACKAGING: Max White One Ice comes in a largish white box with the same colour scheme that you see on the tube itself. I love the look of this product. The ice-blue at the bottom and silver top with white crystal starburst make it look quite cool - literally! It makes you think of a dazzling white glacier, cold and pristine. The effect is dramatic and attractive.

The tube itself is quite a good size at 103g and unlike most toothpastes it has a flat lid so it can stand upright on your bathroom shelf and so takes up less space. It has a flp-top lid which has a slight ridge so you can easily lift it open. The lid also clicks shut and prevents gluggy toothpaste spills.

The toothpaste is packaged in a a plastic squeezy tube (for want of a better name) that makes it easy to dispense the toothpaste without the tube losing its shape or preventing it from standing upright.

PRODUCT: The colour of this product is amazing. Without sounding like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, this is a gorgeous cerulean blue that makes you feel fresher just looking at it. The taste is also really minty and refreshing. Colgate call it ''power mint'' and the taste is stronger than the original Max White toothpaste. It really does make your mouth and breath fresh. This also cleans well - my teeth feel nice and smooth after use.

While I did find the original MaxWhite One caused senstivity problems with my teeth, I haven't had any problems with MaxWhite One Ice. I think overall it's quite a gentle formula and the gel seems to be kinder to sensitive gums.

In terms of its whitening ability, I have noticed that my teeth are a shade whiter too after a couple of weeks which is something considering I drink a lot of coffee and tea.

I think that at $5.99 this has to be one of the best whitening deals around. I will defiinitely be returning to this toothpaste in future and would recommend it to anyone on a budget or who would like to whiten their teeth in a hurry. This is a great product that works and won't break the bank.

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Great packaging design

Like most toothpastes the tube comes inside a protective box. However unlike other pastes this tube comes with flat top flip lid which makes it a simple thing to flip the lid back in place without the usual juggling act of the screw top lids, which end up abandoned allowing the toothpaste to dry out. Also unlike others, the lid is flat. This means the tube can free stand on its end. One of the benefits of this is that like an upside down sauce bottle, the paste can flow to the lid making it easier to squeeze out the last of the product.
The paste itself is a sparkly blue colour with a minty fragrance. The directions instruct the user to brush for 2 mins 3 times a day for best whitening results. As a general rule I usually brush 3 times a day so this was not an issue for me. I have also been previously using another whitening paste so did not notice a dramatic change in the colour but my teeth did feel cleaner.
The texture of the paste is almost gritty when compared with others which have a gel consistency. This gritty texture feels nice and leaves my teeth with smooth finish after rinsing, although this does not feel too abrasive.
I also enjoyed the taste of the paste, as it is titled ICE I was expecting an overpowering cooling sensation but I was meet with a subtle pleasant minty taste that was refreshing and not at all overpowering.
The tube is a little more costly than other pastes given it size, however as someone who is very conscious of my teeth and their appearance the price, is justified through the quality of the product.

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2013 Glosscars

In the category of Best New Dental Product for Beauty Heaven’s 2013 Glosscars Awards, I’m casting a vote for Colgate’s MaxWhite ONE Ice.

For me personally, I love to use a nice strong whitening paste. I want my teeth to look great in condition and health. Other toothpastes give my teeth a nice clean, but they never managed to live up to their whitening claims. I was beginning to lose faith until I gave the Colgate MaxWhite a whirl, and I’ve never looked back since.
The toothpaste comes boxed and the actual paste is within a squeeze tube with a flip lid that can be secured shut. I love the fact that I can actually sit this toothpaste up on my bathroom cabinet rather than having it lying across. Not only does it look nicer, it actually allows the toothpaste to flow towards the lid when not in use. Now I can avoid having a rolled up tube on my cabinet. For best results, Colgate recommends to brush three times a day for at least two minutes.

When I squeeze the toothpaste onto my tooth brush I immediately notice the minty scent. It’s quite strong and smells great. The toothpaste itself is a light blue in colour and is gel like in texture.
As I brush my teeth with ICE I can feel a slight gentle grittiness within the toothpaste working its magic to provide the best clean possible. Immediately I can feel a difference, my teeth feel great. I try to clean for the two minutes and then I rinse clean. I always smile in the mirror (which I never used to do) because I love the bright white teeth looking back at me. Even my partner noticed my regularly mirror smiling. My teeth actually glow and sparkle, I’ve never experienced this from a toothpaste before. My breath stays fresh for hours after using which is a huge bonus.
After months of using I’ve noticed results merge from small to large. I began with light stains being lifted and now they are permanently gone. Larger, darker stains are well on their way to be gone for good. I’m so happy with the results from Colgate’s MaxWhite toothpaste. By far the best toothpaste I’ve ever used.

Sure this paste does cost slightly more than others, but it’s worth it when I see my teeth morning and night. They have never looked so wonderful. I will be continuing to buy this paste as the results cannot be beaten. I highly recommend this toothpaste to all.

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just an average toothpaste

it claims that it whitens and it probably does, but i must say that i honestly didn't notice any change. i enjoyed the fresh and minty taste though, it wasn't a 'burn the inside of your mouth' hot mint, just a nice, cool and refreshing one. the small(ish) tube was perfect to take on holiday.

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Beauty Fan 69


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A minty miracle

I love purchasing this toothpaste for our family, it comes beautifully boxed and works miracles. This product offers a thorough clean, fresh breath and brighter teeth; the refreshing mint flavour is fantastic and tastes great. This toothpaste does work better with everyday use and overall this is a wonderful creation that is affordable and doesn't cost the earth.

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A Good Brush Produces A Frothy Foam

GLOSSCARS 2013 Product Review

Colgate MaxWhite One comes boxed.
The toothpaste comes in an up down (lid base) squeeze tube with a click open swing lid.
It is a power mint fluoride toothpaste that promises to have teeth looking whiter in a week.
Teeth should be brushed for 2 minutes each time teeth are cleaned.
Maximum results are achieved when teeth are brushed 2 to 3 times a day.
As with all toothpaste MaxWhite One should not be swallowed.
The blue gel toothpaste is thick with small whitening flecks throughout. It produces a lovely frothy foam with a refreshing minty flavour. It's a pleasant mint taste that leaves breath fresh.
The toothpaste has a gradual whitening effect on teeth, it is not dramatic and there are some stains that prove impossible to move.
The fluoride toothpaste works hard to keep plaque from teeth, it is also a good germ killer where gums are concerned, gum lines benefit from regular teeth cleaning.
I really like MaxWhite One, it's a good every day toothpaste for me to keep teeth clean and my breath fresh and with the added feature of gradual whitening.
The toothpaste does the best it can whitening my teeth.

Colgate toothpaste does not contain sugar.

Made in Poland from imported and local components.

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Glosscars 2013 - Cleaner brighter teeth

I buy this toothpaste instead of my usual toothpaste and I think it's worth paying just a little more for cleaner, brighter teeth. My mouth and teeth feel so fresh after use. It gives a really thorough clean that I don't find I get with normal toothpaste. My teeth are a little whiter whilst using this toothpaste. I love the sweet minty freshness!

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Clean white teeth

I wasn't expecting much as I've used other whitening toothpaste with no luck. However this toothpaste works. I did notice my teeth gradually whitening. It also keeps my teeth clean and fresh.

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Princess Fiona1


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Whiter teeth at a bargain price

In spite of drinking my fair share of tea and coffee, my teeth are not particularly yellow or stained, but regardless, after one week of using Colgate MaxWhite One I am quite impressed with the results, and can definitely see an improvement, though they are subtle and far from dramatic. But again, this may simply be because my teeth were not that stained to begin with.

The instructions on the box recommend that the toothpaste is used for two minutes three times daily. But as it is just not practical for me to brush my teeth in the middle of the day as well, my results are based on two brushes per day, morning and night.

The actual toothpaste has a strong minty flavour, which I like. For me, the stronger the flavour of the toothpaste, the better, as I like the fresh and minty breath that you are left with. But I have to admit that with the title ‘ICE’, I was expecting a stronger and more cooling sensation, however still it was still very pleasing.

The toothpaste has a gel consistency and has a pleasant gritty sensation on the tooth's surface, which doesn’t feel abrasive on the teeth, and after brushing the teeth feel smooth and clean.

Unlike most other toothpastes, the Colgate MaxWhite One comes in a tube with a larger flat top flip lid which makes it so much easier to open. But it also means that that the tube can stand on its lid, with the benefits that the paste can flow to the lid making it easier to squeeze out every last bit of the toothpaste.

If you purchase Colgate MaxWhite One solely to whiten teeth, it will take you a while. But then you have to remember that this is an over the counter toothpaste, and not a professional treatment, which is likely to give you more dramatic results (which of course also comes at a much higher price!).
The MaxWhite One is a little more costly than other toothpastes also given that the tube is a little smaller in size, however as I am always very mindful of my teeth the price is justified as this toothpaste really does help keep stains at bay leaving my teeth looking brighter.

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Does a decent job, would repurchase.

As long as you realise that this is just a whitening toothpaste, not a professional job done at the dentist, I think you'll be happy with this product. After a couple of weeks of using this twice a day (directions say to use it three times a day, but really. Who does that?) my teeth have lightened one shade. It's not a miracle cream, but I do like the results. Using it now just seems like upkeep. I do think if you stop, the teeth will just get stained again. It's gentile enough to keep using long term though, so that's nice.
I'm not a huge mint fan, but the flavour is not overpowering. I also like the flat top so it can stand by itself, very handy.
I rated only 4/5 because I'd like a version without SLS and preferably not mint flavoured. Toothpastes with SLS always make me feel a bit ill afterwards, and I dislike the sensation of so much foam in my mouth.

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