Fashionista8P's product review of Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice by Colgate

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  • May 27, 2012 10:41am

Run of the mill toothpaste

I have been trialling this toothpaste but I still think its a little too early to tell if anything has been going on in the way of whitening.
I have now tried both of the colgate max white toothpastes and they are both fairly expensive and i havent noticed any whitening.
I drink a lot of tea and coffee so my teeth can look a little yellow and stained, this toothpaste gives a fresh clean just like any other but nothing too drastic as far as i can tell.
I will stick with it and continue to see if anything improves but I am not holding my breath.
That being said, colgate is a trusted brand and I love all their products and I like that this product stands upright

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