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Colgate MaxWhite ONE Ice helps improve the whiteness of your teeth in one week. The whitening toothepaste features a formula with whitening accelerators that work to remove surface stains, leaving your teeth one shade whiter in seven days.

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Another toothpaste from Cologate

Felt nice, fresh and minty after use. I find this toothpaste gentle which I like but I did not see a visible difference when it comes to whitening. I can't wait to try Colgate Optic White, hopefully there will be a more visible result.

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Didn't really whiten

This is fine for me as a toothpaste but didn't really whiten my teeth, which makes it a bit to expensive for a regular toothpaste.
I have found that the aldi whitening toothpaste a much cheaper version that did make my teeth whiter.

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Icy clean & fresh breath

I received this as part of my Glosscars 2013 prize.

This is an effective & pleasant toothpaste product. After regular use I did notice a slight whitening effect on my teeth. It leaves a lovely aftertaste in my mouth & helps keep my gums healthy. As usual, Colgate delivers with a great toothpaste product

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Worth a try

I received this as part of my Glosscars 2013 prize pack. I am always willing to try a new toothpaste because I am still trying to find my favourite paste.
The best thing I like about this paste is that it stands up, so that makes it easier to use and to place on the bathroom counter. This is a unique factor which makes it easy to use and it reminds me of the pump toothpaste.

It is a pretty sea blue gel paste with little sparkles in it. I like the look of gel pastes because they always seem to be fresher than regular paste.

I have a very sensitive mouth in the sense that I am never able to use any whitening paste continuously because I get some sort of an irritation on the inside of my mouth. I used this paste and varied it with others so that my mouth didn't get used to this one alone.
The taste is minty, not super strong, but pretty strong mint. The mint taste didn't last very long for me, but that's okay because as mentioned, my mouth is pretty sensitive anyway.

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Actually works

I got this in the most recent beautorium and I was definitely intrigued by all the positive reviews on here. I have been using it for around a month now and I have definitely noticed whitening. The parts of my teeth where I pay most attention to definitely became brighter than the other parts. Rather than seeing my my teeth become pearl whites, they became brighter like their dullness was removed. The effects may be different for you - I drink a lot of tea and have done for years so no doubt there is some staining. I did notice a little sensitivity after using this but it's not too dramatic nor to a level which concerns me. Additionally, I find the product to be great, it has a pleasant taste, foams nicely and is really like every other good old toothpaste except for the brightening. It does seem to work for me and i will definitely continue to use it. Not sure if I'll be repurchasing because it is a little pricey for the small amount but I'll keep using it for now.

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use it everyday

I love this toothpaste. It isnt as harsh on my teeth as other toothpastes are, ie the colgate whitening. this one makes my teeth feel minty fresh and I love it!

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Not convinced

I was lucky enough to receive a free tube via Colgate’s Facebook promotion last year, however I am not a huge fan of this toothpaste.

In terms of packaging, it comes in a stand-up tube, which is handy, but it doesn’t make a big difference for me. The toothpaste is a clear blue gel, which I at first expected to be a strong minty toothpaste, but it isn’t. The instructions say to use this toothpaste 3 times a day, to achieve whiter teeth in 7 days. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who would brush their teeth 3 times a day. I work full-time and bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste to work is just awkward! I have only used it toothpaste 2 times a day, for the duration of almost 2 months. I have noticed my upper front teeth have become a tiny bit whiter, but not much. Well, I know the RRP for this toothpaste is well under $10 so I wasn’t expecting miracles. Overall I think this is OK as a normal toothpaste, but not very user-friendly. I didn’t have stained teeth to start with, so the result was minimal for me. It might work better for others, especially if they can take the time to brush their teeth 3 times a day. Unfortunately I don’t think I will purchase this.

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Glosscars 2013 - Minty Fresh, Brighter Teeth

As a massive fan of coffee, tea and the occasional glass of wine, I purchased the Colgate MaxWhite ONE toothpaste in the hopes that it would leave my teeth looking a little bit brighter and whiter. To start off, I really love the packaging of this toothpaste. It comes with a secure flip top cap which ensures there are no spillages or mess. The tube comes in an inverted shape which is great because the product drains down towards the top by itself. I also like that the tube is able to stand up by itself on my bathroom cabinet.

The toothpaste directions advise to use it three times a day for two minutes each time. I usually only brush my teeth morning and night as I am not home throughout the day but I made a conscious effort to brush three times a day for one week. The toothpaste disperses as a blue gel paste with glitter particles throughout. The gel formula works really well to spread throughout my teeth and it also foams really easy. The toothpaste has a minty taste to it which is quite enjoyable. The toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling clean and minty fresh. Another thing I enjoy about this whitening toothpaste over others is that it does not have a strong whitening bleach smell to it even though it contains whitening accelerators.

In terms of results, at around the fourth day mark I could notice a difference in the shade of my teeth. The results are not dramatic (and the product doesn’t promise they will be!), but the difference is noticeable. After the first week my teeth were left looking much brighter and surface stains were definitely more diminished. I would say that the product does what it says in that it left my teeth up to one shade lighter. The effects of the toothpaste made me more comfortable with my smile which was great. I think that the Colgate MaxWhite toothpaste would be great to use to top up the brightness of your teeth every now and then, and also to help maintain your pearly whites.

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In a quest for whiter teeth I first used Colgate MaxWhite ONE original toothpaste which is not a miracle product but I definitely saw improvements while using it. I absolutely loved the super fresh mint flavour of the original toothpaste so when Colgate maxWhite ONE ICE came out I just had to try it to see how it compared!
Of course this toothpaste has an amazing low price just like the original maxwhite ONE which is hardly much more than a standard toothpaste. It also possesses the same appealing shiny silver tube that comes in a shiny silver box that just gives it an edge over other toothpastes. The tube is easier to use than the standard tube – with a large flip top lid which is easy to open and somehow less messy. Less mess means the top doesn’t get clogged up with dried toothpaste so the lid always closes properly. The large lid and design of the tube also means you can stand it on its end on the bench if you wish.
However, the flavour of this toothpaste definitely disappointed me - it is no where near as good as the original. To be honest it does not have that much of a flavour and I definitely would not say ‘power mint’ means powerful mint as I expected it would (I would describe the original as power mint though…). I find the flavour does not last in my mouth and often I feel like my mouth is not fresh for as long as it should be after brushing.
After using this toothpaste a while I would say it’s other effects are the same as the original. I wouldn’t say I have seen a dramatic improvement in the whiteness of my teeth (however my teeth were fairly white to begin with so perhaps this is why?) and my teeth definitely aren’t dazzling supermodel white…. but hey it’s not going to be an absolute miracle product! My teeth are looking brighter though and a little whiter. I’ll also add that the instructions say you should use it 3 times a day, but I rarely get that 3rd brush in and usually would only do it twice so this could be why I haven’t seen improvements to such a great extent. I think that 3 brushes a day may be quite a challenge for a lot of people, and generally not a common routine in our busy lives, so this may let a lot of people down results wise.
My overall opinion about this toothpaste is neutral but I would not purchase this again. I guess I am leaning more to the negative side because I love the original MaxWhite ONE a lot, and this one is just not up to that standard in terms of flavour (and the flavour is what really did it for me with that product…toothpaste is supposed to leave your mouth feeling fresh and this just doesn’t). However for $6 the cost is comparable to that of standard toothpaste (a little more expensive because the tube is smaller, but this is our teeth we are talking about and they are worth it) so I would say give it a go as there is some whitening/brightening effect there. This flavour would be more suited to those who don’t want a strong mint flavour….it’s personal preference really, but I’d recommend the original over this one.

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Icy Freshness

I have slightly yellowing teeth so I've been looking for a product to brighten my smile up so I tried this. Firstly I love the packaging. Very eye-catching and it has a very secure lid - great for travelling. The toothpaste itself left my mouth feeling really icy fresh and that freshness lasted ages. It also leaves me teeth feeling more clean than other toothpastes. I have been using it twice a day for months now and my teeth are only maybe slightly whiter which is why it doesn't get 5 stars. I was hoping the product would work quicker but I will continue to use this product and see how it goes. Overall it is a great toothpaste but maybe not the holy grail of whitening toothpastes.

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