Healthy hints and beauty tips with Erika Heynatz

Healthy hints and beauty tips with Erika Heynatz

As if being a model, singer and television presenter wasn’t enough; Erika Heynatz has now lent her talents to the stage – by taking on the role of Brooke Windham in the musical version of Legally Blonde.

But it’s not all fun and games playing the infamous (allegedly gold-digging) fitness instructor. It’s meant a lot of dedication to regular workouts and improving her health and fitness to get in tip top shape for the role. We were lucky enough to chat to Erika about her tips on getting fit and toned for summer – and of course we talk a bit about beauty, too. (Oh come on, you love it.)

bh: What exercises do you think are the most beneficial for getting fit and toned for summer?
EH: Any type of exercise that can be done outdoors and in the shortest amount of time is ideal. Interval training, preferably whole body moves (such as burpees) is the way to go. The Nike training club is a fantastic iPhone APP that is like a personal trainer in your pocket if you’re stuck for moves. Chose a workout that suits your time, physical and strength needs. As far as classes go, Xtend Barre is fantastic for pre-bikini toning, as is yoga (I still believe great posture sheds a few pounds). Boxing is also terrific for toning.

bh: In Legally Blonde The Musical, your skipping routine opens the second act, what did your training program for that vigorous scene incorporate?
EH: We would do basic skipping drills in intervals, increasing the speed and duration. We then started to incorporate moves such as jacks, runs, jumps, and trenches, which make the routine more challenging. All our drills were done in intervals. One group would tag team the next. We skipped to live drum kit and piano, with the cast singing along too. Loads of fun!

bh: Do you think skipping is an effective way to exercise?
EH: Yes! People seem to be much more savvy about the benefits of interval training over slogging out long sessions at the gym. Short bursts of high intensity training is where it’s at. Skipping elevates your heart rate very quickly, and is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise and fastest ways to get fit and burn fat. Best of all, you can do it anywhere and it is the most portable piece of exercise equipment there is!

bh: Did you follow a special diet when training for Legally Blonde? If so, what was involved?
EH: Porridge in the morning, slow burning carbs give me energy for the day. I pack my lunches and dinner every day. I go for high protein meals – usually a lamb steak, or chicken breast sliced with salad or steamed veggies and hummus. Nuts and BSc protein shakes or protein balls are great as a snack.

bh: What are your top 3 can’t-live-without beauty products?
EH: Vani-T Organic Tan, Nars Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush Duo and Clinique Lash Power Mascara

bh: Do you have any tips on how to achieve a flawless make-up look?
EH: Great tools are as important as product. Invest in great brushes. The Rae Morris collection is fantastic, especially her kabuki brush. Good light is essential. Down light in hotel rooms is a recipe for disaster! Prepping your skin is also important. Ready your skin with just a hint of primer and a light facial massage or apply foundation and then pat it into your skin so it absorbs softly for a more natural finish. Go easy on the powder or use a 3D finishing powder such as Makeup Forever.

bh: What are your best skin care secrets?
EH: Omnilux facials are my biggest skin secret. Combined with a monthly priori peel, they have really transformed my skin. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair can also work mini miracles while you sleep. SKII masks are also brilliant before a special event – your skin really glows and your makeup looks flawless.

Do you think skipping is a beneficial form of exercise? What kind of exercise works best for you?

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