Oops, my facelift failed

Oops, my facelift failed

It’s no secret that we all want to look as young as we can, for as long as we possibly can (ever heard of anyone asking for ‘age-accelerant’ cosmetics? I sure haven’t!). But while some of us have accepted the inevitable and just hope to age gracefully with the help of a few potions and lotions, others…well…let’s just say they’re fighting the battle, but haven’t exactly won the war…

Oh Katie Price (aka: Jordan), we just can’t keep up with you and your surgical procedures – after all, you seem to change your breast size more than you do your underwear! This money-making glamour model sure ain’t shy when it comes to surgery, once publically announcing that she was planning on having a ‘mommy makeover’, which would include a breast reduction, lip augmentation and, wait for it – a vaginal ‘rejuvenation’.

Former queen to The King of rock-and-roll, Priscilla Presley now looks more like The Joker from Batman, than rock royalty. Clearly trying her best to revert to the teenager Elvis once wooed, the now 65 year-old has undergone a number of facelifts – including one in 2003 by an unlicensed surgeon, who was later jailed.

She may design dresses to die for, but when it comes to ageing gracefully, I don’t think Donatella Versace would know what was in trend if it hit her in her surgery-fied face. We’re guessing her yearly plastic surgery bill would cost more than her entire catwalk collection.

If there were ever a poster-woman for a ‘plastic surgery gone bad’ campaign, then Jocelyn Wildenstein would win hands down.  Dubbed ‘cat woman’ or less diplomatically, ‘the bride of Wildenstein’ (a wordplay on ‘the bride of Frankenstein’), this Swiss-born socialite has allegedly spent over US$4,000,000 on plastic surgery procedures. Don’t know about you, but if I were her I’d be demanding a refund!

Think it’s only the more ‘maturing’ women going under the knife? Unfortunately a younger generation of starlets are also giving in to the pressures of Hollywood and succumbing to surgery – some of them starting from as early as 22 years old. Check out our picture gallery to see who else has been…erm…somewhat enhanced:

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