Stalking Gwen Stefani

Stalking Gwen Stefani

Stefani stalkers probably have the jump on me here, but I’ve just seen the ad for L Gwen Stefani on YouTube and I’m now physically pining to own that fragrance when gets here in October. Call me an advertising executive’s case study, call me a sucker, but I don’t care I just want a little of the glamour Gwen’s got.

Gwen’s my celebrity girl crush. I saw her walking her big shaggy dog in London’s celebrity-soaked Primrose Hill once. It was soon after her No Doubt days and really early in the morning when I was sure I’d catch her having a hangover moment, but the woman still looked jaw-droppingly stunning. Her skin was clear and creamy and even minus those ruby lips she radiated an I’m-famous glow (which I have since discovered can be faked with a vitamin C mask and a shot of illuminator in your moisturiser). I was also in Covent Garden the day she got hitched and almost lost two limbs and an eyeball trying to get a first-person peek at her. I’m seriously just on the non-scary side of obsession.

Check out the L ad on YouTube and tell me you don’t love Gwen, at least a little, too. It’s got a breathy, movie-star-by-the-pool vibe that reminds me of Kylie’s Slow video, spiked with the almost-OTT luxury factor that Gwen works like no other. It’s a seductive 30 seconds that also demonstrates make-up waterproofing skills that I’ve not seen since the first time I tried Lipcote lipstick sealer at the beach. As for the fragrance, Gwen says “it’s like me shrunk into a bottle”. Roll on October!

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