MTV Awards: Frock faux-pas

MTV Awards: Frock faux-pas

When the pics started to trickle in from the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards held in LA last night, I couldn’t help but jump online to pick my best looks of the evening.

Unfortunately though, what stood out weren’t my faves, but rather the faux-pas –and there seemed to be plenty (were stylists on strike that day or what?).

First up is Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in what looks like a cheap and tacky gold top, teamed with an equally tacky silver mini. And don’t even get me started on the clumpy black belt and shoes…

And speaking of badly worn black – Christina Aguilera, omg, what were you thinking??

Also on the shimmery-yet-shocking bandwagon are songstresses Lindsay Lohan (in a camel-toe inducing jumpsuit) and Katy Perry who, sporting bright blue strands and canary-yellow nails, looked more geared up to go to a Star Wars convention than a star-studded award show.

So whose look did I like? Jessica Biel looked cute and girly in frills and bows, while Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens also worked more demure, feminine dresses.

Which looks did you like? Check out our picture gallery and let us know!

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