Jet set beauty: Laura Csortan

Jet set beauty: Laura Csortan

 Written: January 2007

The lovely Laura Csortan’s first claim to fame was the title of Miss Universe Australia in 1997 when she was also crowned Miss Congeniality 1997. The following year she became the first model to represent Australia in both of the major international pageants when she became Miss World Australia in 1998. Then, once she had the world’s attention, she went on to conquer it, travelling the globe with the Seven Network’s The Great Outdoors until leaving the show in November 2006.

And never once did we spy her stumbling off a long-haul flight looking like she’d just been dragged through a bush backwards. Sure, first class helps, but surely she knows something else we don’t…

What’s your trick for looking TV-worthy when you’ve just hopped off a long-haul flight?
A long shower, lots of water a good hydrating moisturiser.

Surely there’s something else…
Good make-up also has a thing or two to do with it!

It always does! As an often-snapped celeb, you must also have a trick or two for always looking good in photographs.
When I am being snapped, I always think it’s important to smile and hold yourself well. If you slouch or make a silly face you will regret it when it hits the papers on the weekend!!!

Do you have a beauty philosophy?
My beauty philosophy is to stick to a range that suits your type of skin, eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

Is it difficult to stick that routine while you’re travelling?
If you have the right products it can be easy.

So which beauty products do you always have in your suitcase?
I always have my Pevonia Dry Body Oil and Caviar Hand Cream.

What’s the toughest thing about living out of your luggage?
The toughest thing about living out of a suitcase is trying to keep my clothes clean and in some order. I love to wake up in the morning and decide how I am going to dress depending on my mood and the weather etc. But with a limited wardrobe that is hard to do.

What’s the best holiday destination that you’ve ever been to and why?
I love Asia, so Thailand or Vietnam… or simply to head home to South Australia and relax with the family.

You’re a bit of a glamour girl, but you’ve got an earthy character too. Truth be known, do you prefer crisp linen sheets or swag under the stars?
A swag under the stars…next to the campfire, for sure.

You always look so bronzed. Is it a natural tan or do you fake it?
I am very strict about using a good sunblock, however, it is impossible to not occasionally get a little sun-kissed.  I also fake it for a big occasion with Pevonia’s Tanning Emulsion.

Picture this: you’ve got a day all to yourself – just you and some serious spa time. What do you indulge in and why?
Pevonia’s Caviar Facial – You come out of the spa feeling like a new woman.  My skin has honestly never felt so incredible –plump, clean and invigorated!

Hmm. You’re quite the Pevonia Botanica fan. Does having signed-on as the brand’s Australian ambassador have a little something to do with it?
I decided to align myself with Pevonia as they are such a gorgeous luxury brand that I have come to love and depend on for my beauty regime. In my travels I have come across them in so many corners of the world and have heard so many great things about the products.

We really want to know. Is the pageant world as bitchy and backstabbing as we’re told? Is it difficult to not to become obsessed with how you look above all else?
You really need to go into an event such as Miss Universe or Miss World with a level head. I had a wonderful experience and made some great friends. But if you want to enter into a whole world of pain then start becoming competitive with the South American girls…ouch!!  They take this sort of thing very seriously – in fact, they start training for it when only youngsters.

I never became obsessed with the whole appearance thing, I just tried to look my best and behave well towards others… that’s all you can really do in the end!!

– Tracey Withers

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