Jet set beauty: Jennifer Hawkins

Jet set beauty: Jennifer Hawkins

Written January 2007

From ads for Myer, Covergirl and Lovable, to Vegas, LA, the Bahamas and back with The Great Outdoors, Jennifer Hawkins is everywhere right now. We recently snatched a brief moment in her crazy schedule to ask Jen how she lives in a whirlwind but never has so much as a hair out of place. Here’s what she has to say on…

The best ever jetlag cure
Beating the body clock-confusing effects of travel is all about rest, according to Jen. Her secret weapon for looking camera-worthy after a million-hour flight: “Melatonin tablets for when you get home, before you go to sleep!”

Keeping her skin in covetable condition despite TV make-up and travelling
“I cleanse and moisturise EVERY day and I also always use sunscreen,” stresses Jen. “And I NEVER, never, ever sleep in my TV make-up.” Surely she slips up sometimes, like when getting in from a long day in front of the camera and just collapsing on the couch? Nope. “Never. I always take it off – it’s not even something that I have to think about doing, I just always do it.”

Things she can’t live without
“Moisturising [body] spray and a moisturiser… and my Covergirl Wetslicks Lipgloss.” And if she was stranded on a desert island? “Water, sunscreen… and lollies!” Just the essentials, then…

Her favourite holiday destinations
A beach babe at heart, Jennifer loves to spend time by the sea. Western Australia is a favourite – “Broome has beautiful beaches,” she says and “the Whale Shark diving in Perth was great.” But South Africa also rates highly with Jen: “It’s great for Great White Diving,” she enthuses. Funny, big, hungry sharks are pretty much the last reason we’d want to go swimming anywhere!

How to spend a holiday when you travel for your job
“I chill out on the beach or go home to Newcastle,” says Jen of rare days off. “I go out as much as I can with my friends – I miss them when I’m away.”

Her favourite beauty treatment on a day off
“A manicure,” says Jen. “I enjoy the experience and it’s also practical!”

Her favourite duty free buy
Any other ex-Miss Universe or current Miss Thing would cite something glamorously designer, but not Jen. “Vodka!” she exclaims. Well, she did say she likes to party with her friends as much as she can when she’s home…

– Tracey Withers 

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