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There’s nothing we love more than a one-on-one chat with a make-up artist – it’s the perfect opportunity to find out everything we’ve ever wanted to know about the tips and tricks of the beauty world.
And who better to talk to than make-up artist, beauty brand creator, five-time author, Spin studio owner, and mother of three boys (how does this woman find the time?), Bobbi Brown…

If a woman was restricted to owning only three make-up products, what should they be and why?

1.) Concealer – I really believe that under eye concealer is the secret of the beauty universe. It instantly gives you a more energized, refreshed look – it’s the only product that can make me look like I’ve had eight hours of sleep when I’ve really only had five! (Try:Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer).
2.) Moisturiser with SPF – I tell everyone: wear SPF everyday! Too much sun exposure is a sure-fire way to look older before your time. Sun protection should be a part of your skincare regimen even during the cold winter months. Use a moisturiser with SPF 15 protection when you’re running errands or going to work. If you’re going to be outdoors for an extended amount of time, use a waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 25. (Try:Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion SPF 15).

3.) Pink blush – A pop of pink blush on the cheeks is a simple, quick way for every woman to brighten up her look. It adds a hint of colour and really makes the face come alive. (Try:Bobbi Brown Blush).

What’s the biggest make-up mistake that women usually make?

I think the biggest mistake a woman can make is trying to look like someone other than herself. Whether she goes out without a stitch of make-up on, or with a full face, a woman’s real beauty is reflected in how she feels about herself. If you feel confident, you’ll project that and, as a result, you’ll always look beautiful. I’ve always believed in showing women what’s right about them, instead of what’s wrong.

What should we consider when choosing shades to best suit our skin?

When picking out foundations, always choose one with a slightly yellowish cast to it. This may surprise you, but whether you’re pale or dark, you have some yellow undertones in your complexion. A yellow-based foundation will blend beautifully into your skin tone, making it look fresh and healthy, which is exactly what a great foundation should do.

As for colour make-up, don’t be afraid to experiment! I believe that make-up is about options, not rules. If you usually go for a more natural, barefaced look, try a smoky eye or a bright red lip. Remember, it’s only make-up – you can always take it off if you don’t think the shade looks great.

What are your top five make-up tricks?

1.) Drink water. Staying hydrated is essential to beauty and wellbeing. When you get tired of drinking plain water, switch to herbal tea. Since it’s caffeine-free, you don’t have to worry about getting dehydrated. Chamomile and Red Zinger are my favorites and they’re equally good hot or cold.

2.) Moisturise your face. This is the most important step in caring for your skin. When skin isn’t well moisturised, it looks dull, tired, and older than it really is. Try a lightweight moisturising lotion if you have normal skin, and opt for a richer, hydrating cream when skin feels dry or sensitive. And yes, even oily skin benefits from moisturiser – opt for an oil-free formula that hydrates while simultaneously helping to control overactive oil production.  

3.) Find a lipstick that looks good when you’re bare faced. The trick to finding the most flattering lipstick is to use the true colour of your lips as the inspiration. Look for a lipstick colour that looks like your natural lip colour taken up a notch. When you’re tight on time, one swipe of this lipstick will give you instant polish without any fuss.    

4.) Choose two shades of blush – one that’s the color of your cheeks when they’re naturally flushed, and one that’s brighter for a pop of color. Smile and use a blush brush to dust colour on the apples of cheeks, blending up towards the hairline, then downwards to soften the colour.  

5.) Live in the present. We spend a lot of energy feeling bad that we don’t look like we used to, instead of appreciating what we do look like. I hated my arms when I was a teenager and often wore long-sleeved shirts. Now I look back at pictures from those days and I think that my arms looked fine. I would have saved myself a lot of adolescent angst if I had made the best of what I had at the time. So start appreciating yourself now.

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