What the Elle?

What the Elle?

Another day, another celebrity signing. Today’s breaking news is that Revlon has announced Elle Macpherson as its latest global brand ambassador. The Body has just become a face.

It came a bit of a surprise to Bh. As an entrepreneur and icon for working mothers first and celebrity second, she seems a strange stable mate for Tinseltowners Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Beau Garrett, but maybe that’s the point.

The thing about Elle is she’s not just The Body, a model, an actress or celebrity (though she does still have that supermodel knack for gliding off a long haul flight looking impossibly chic). These days, when we think of Elle, we think of a savvy businesswoman, single mother and beautiful picture of success. Whether you covet her long limbs and impeccably stylish look or not, you’ve got to give the woman respect for that.

And it’s this mix of aspiration and inspiration that it seems Revlon has keyed into to connect with women who perhaps have ‘celebrity fatigue’. In the press release announcement, Revlon glosses over the glam-factor in haste to highlight that Elle-the-philanthropist is already an ambassador for three charitable organisations and will not only be the pretty face of Revlon products, but will front the company’s outreach campaigns. “I am proud to join Revlon in its celebration of women and in its long term commitment and support for education and research to advance women’s health,” said Elle of her signing.

It reminds me of the recent coupling between ultra luxurious La Prairie and Celine Cousteau, granddaughter of the legendary ocean explorer Jacques, environmental campaigner and Ocean Futures Society lynchpin. When she inked the deal to help promote Advanced Marine Biology products, Cousteau’s end game was undoubtedly more about ocean awareness than skincare. And La Prairie must have banked that we’d buy into both.

So what do you think? Is it important to you that beauty spokeswomen have something more to say?

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