Hayden Panettiere, you are utterly adorable. I used to think you were quite stiff, and a little too prim and proper for my liking. (You can blame the strict ‘dos and grown-up make-up looks you always seem to sport, for that…)

But after gazing my eyes over these TwitPic images you posted of your crazy-bright, rainbow-coloured hair, I’m starting to think I’ve misjudged you. You look fun! Cheeky even! Like you’re out to have a fantastic time and get a little silly. And I like it. A lot!

Posing with your best friend Allie while wearing your Chain Gang LA jewellery, these photos not only show off your mischievous side, but your ability to rock a serious hair trend, too. Pastel balayage is insanely popular right now (just ask Australian Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo. He said so, and boy, does he know his stuff), and you’re totally rocking it.

What I love most is the abundance of hues. I mean, I can spot green, blue, pink, purple and even yellow hair dye in your strands. Most celebs are only brave enough to roll with one or two. (Hello, Nicki Minaj and Snooki.) You’ve also gone bold. Really bold. No need for glasses when it comes to spotting those rainbow colours – they’ve been applied in an intense manner and it works. They amplify the shininess of your super-blonde bob, which is actually a really cute cut on you. Is that fringe new? It works so well, I’m thinking you should keep it.

I don’t care if people don’t understand your need to add colourful hues to your ‘do – I love it, I get it, and I think you look sensational. I have no doubt the boys will love seeing this sexy, playful side to you as well. So, enjoy the attention, HP. Here’s hoping you inspire all blondes to rock this look at least once…

Sidenote: You also get bonus points for the bold pink pout. It takes more than a wee bit of courage to rock a bright lip at the best of times, let alone with rainbow strands, too. Respect, girl. Respect.

Want to copy Hayden Panettiere’s rainbow hair? Liv’s got the goods to show you just how easy it is to get beautifully curled, dip-dyed ends. (Note: you’ll need KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.BUGS [$24.95, 1800 104 204] or Fudge Paintbox hair colours [$18.95, 1300 764 437] to work this trend.)


Photo credit: Kim Wigaard Johansen, via the Twitter accounts of @haydenpanettier and @ChainGangLA


Cherie Herrmann






What do you think of Hayden’s multi-coloured, dip-dyed strands? Love? Or loathe? Is it something you’d copy?

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