Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and one of the world’s most famous women, is best known for three things.

  • - Being wifey to Prince William (now Duke of Cambridge).
  • - Her sister’s much talked-about bee-hind.
  • - … and her perfect waves (which prevent her from ever experiencing a bad hair day).

 So we thought it was high time we taught you guys how to achieve Kate’s royal waves at home. Why wouldn’t you want to learn? These fabulously regal tresses are your ticket to Tantalising Town – and the best part is they’re super easy to achieve.

 Don’t believe me? Check out our how-to video above and experience fabulously bouncy, flirty flicks that are sure to make you look and feel as flawless as Kate…

We used: VS Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Tong– 38mm

What are your top tips for truly royal waves?

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