Here is a predicament I often find myself in: I have a special event to got to (be it a wedding, birthday, or even fancy dinner) and I know that I should wash my hair but I just really, really can’t be bothered with all the effort involved (and let’s not forget all the extra time it requires). I can’t see you right now, but I’m pretty sure I can feel you all enthusiastically nodding your heads in agreement.

So what do we do? Just grit our teeth and wash our dirty hair? No. I say we take a stand and embrace our less-than-fresh locks. But instead of just sporting a messy bun or using a headband to hide the grease, how about we get creative with our styles? Let’s look to the celebs below for some dirty hair-spiration, shall we?

Perky Ponytail

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – ponytails aren’t just for schoolgirls and they are definitely not boring. Whether you keep the hair on your crown sleeked back like Jennifer Hawkins or tease it for some volume like Nina Dobrev, make sure you keep the base of your ponytail high on your head. And if your locks are looking a little kinked or curly, simply run a straightener over your ponytail to leave it feeling smooth and looking sharp.
To achieve this look use: Scunci Pefect Ponytail Tool

Sleek side-bun

This look couldn’t be easier to achieve, yet the results are so effective (especially if you pair it with some show-stopping earrings). Give your hair a deep side-part and smooth it down with some serum. Then collect your hair at one side of your neck (you can pick the opposite side to your parting, like Vanessa Hudgens, or the same side as the parting, like Juliette Lewis) and tie it in a bun. Viola! You’re done.
To achieve this look use: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and some Gliders Bobbi Pins

Hair back, fringe out

Okay, so this look will require some washing and styling of your hair – but only the front bits. Tie your hair back however you please, but keep your fringe or front pieces out to soften your look. It’s also a good idea to strategically leave some other face-framing strands out. Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe has paired her ponytail with a smooth, glossy fringe, while Julianne Hough has opted for a shaggier look – choose whichever suits you and your hairstyle best!
To achieve this look use: Lady Jayne Ceramic Radial Brush

Side-braid with a twist

It’s no secret that braids are a wonderful hairstyle, especially for a greasy hair day. But why not add a bit of oomph to your side braid by jazzing it up? The always-lovely Bella Thorne has threaded some ribbon through her fishtail braid – so grab some of your own (or even some clip-in hair feathers) to weave through your plait. Alternatively, take your cues from French actress Beatrice Rosen, who’s made her braid into more of a twist and tied it up about three quarters of the way down her hair, instead of all the way at the bottom.
To achieve this look use: phettish pheathers

Sky-high bun

Who hasn’t fallen in love with an oversized bun in the last year? No one. Because it’s the most simple look to achieve and delivers astounding results. If you’re after something a little messy like Mollie King, ruffle your hair on your crown before tying it up and winding it around the bun in a haphazard way. For Kate Bosworth’s sleeker look, use a narrow-tooth comb to put your hair up, and make sure that your ponytail is frizz and knot-free before securing it around the bun.
To achieve this look use: Scunci Bun Maker

What’s your go-to dirty hairstyle? How do you wear your hair to a special event?