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    Burt's Bees
    Watermelon Lip Balm
    1 review

    Summer scent for wintery windchapped lips


    Do you miss Summer when your lips are chapped from cold winds and winters blustery conditions?

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    Burt's Bees
    Baby Bee ® Cream-to-Powder
    1 review

    My baby’s bum never smelled so good!


    I swear by this product 100%! While at my cousins house, I left my nappy bag in the car and had to change my son so she offered me her products and nappies to use.

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    Almond Shower Shake
    1 review

    Shower milk and oil cocktail - shaken not stirred


    I received this as a present for Christmas and I was excited to try it! I love almond milk and I’d heard many good things about it! I was excited but so was my toddler who got ahold of it.

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    1. 1585695073

      Hi everyone, I am a registered nurse in an ambulatory surgery center that is currently shut down. I have…

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    2. 1585624341

      Are you currently trialling the Nova Fit Face Massager as part of the beautyheaven Trial Team? This…

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    3. 1585574193

      Hello Everyone, I am a person who faces a lot of skin problems and has taken a lot of treatment and…

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    4. 1585383247

      Hi ladies, I was just wondering have any of you used the Happy Skin Co IPL? Due to Covid-19 my salon…

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    5. 1585310242

      I don't know about any of you, but this "house bound" thing is getting very rough. At the same time…

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    6. 1585290393

      Hi all, I've been reminiscing about makeup brands I loved as a teenager. Some of our local chemists…

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