I may ruffle a few feathers when I say this, but I absolutely adore winter. Cosy nights snuggled up on the couch? Lazy mornings spent in bed listening to the pouring rain outside? Sign me up, NOW.

But occasionally the cloudy skies and chilly winds become a tad too much, and I find myself craving a dose of sunshine and colour. Clearly Emma Stone and Elizabeth Banks feel exactly the same way, because they’re completely clued up when it comes to kicking dreariness to the curb and brightening up winter’s favourite clothing colour – black.
All you need to do is this: add coral! Yes, just add coral.

Nothing screams summer like a bold, sunshiny coral hue, and both of these gorgeous actresses were seen sporting this hot colour with their black outfits at the MTV Movie Awards yesterday. Emma Stone rolled with a brilliant pop of coral on her lips, and Elizabeth Banks brought her black jumpsuit to life with bright coral nails. And what do we get when we pair a classic outfit hue with bright beauty loot? That’s right – a stunning, stylish result.

Now, before you start standing on your soap box so you can tell me coral is the hue for old ladies, please let me put in my two bobs. Yes, coral is a colour that has been dumped in the ‘unwearable and aged’ pile many times, but it’s actually a divine hue and should be embraced by everyone.

WHY CORAL IS GRAND: it looks great against bronzed skin, but brilliant on fair skin, too. (Thank you Emma Stone for backing me up on this one.) The trick is to pick the right coral lipstick, blush or nail polish for your skin tone: fairer skin loves a cooler, fleshy, pink-like coral, while medium to darker skin tones can afford to play with the brighter, more true coral shades with hints of punchy orange.

ANOTHER REASON CORAL IS GRAND: it gives this skin a healthy, fresh glow equal to that of a subtle tan, without you even going out in the sun. It’s a natural skin tone-enhancing hue, you see, so it’ll automatically make your skin look more radiant instantly.

ONE MORE REASON CORAL IS GRAND: peachy, creamy coral lippie and nail polish is fun! It’s less vixen and sultry-like than a red, and it’s a little more polished and sophisticated than a hot pink. Win-win!

So as you can see, coral is the perfect hue to jazz up your dreary winter days and black outfits. If Emma Stone and Elizabeth Banks can do it and look that good, there’s no reason why you can’t – whether there’s a red carpet or not.

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Cherie Herrmann





What do you think of Emma and Elizabeth’s use of coral lipstick and nail polish? Is it something you'd wear to jazz up a black outfit?

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PPS: How amazing is Elizabeth's bun? I'm in love...


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