Bright, bold, and beautiful celebrities


If these celebrity looks are anything to go by, it seems that blacks, greys, and neutrals are out and it’s all about making a big, bold statement in colourful brights.

So take some fashion inspiration from these standout celebs and embrace the colour palette!

What do you think of these colourful celebrity looks? Which looks do you love? Which looks do you loathe?


Oh Fergie, it’s no secret that maintaining your roots as a blonde is a pretty annoying job, but you gotta put in some effort for a red carpet appearance!

Ginnifer Goodwin

Despite finding love in her films, things aren’t going so well in Ginnifer’s real life. She recently split from her fiance of six months, Joey Kern.

Angelina Jolie

She’s famous for coming between Hollywood’s golden couple, Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston, but did you know she also ‘stole’ Billy Bob Thornton from fiance, Laura Dern?

Katie Price

Is Katie hanging her head in shame after smooching ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star, Lauren Goodger?

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey has said that she doesn’t want to be a ‘babe’, just a beautiful person on the inside. Well, we think she’s a babe anyway.

Kelly Osbourne

She’s had quite a dramatic makeover altogether so it’s not just the blonde that makes her look better, but we think that jet black colour is too harsh for her anyway!

Poppy Montgomery

Poppy is one of the few Aussies making a big name for herself in Hollywood. Her next project? A biopic playing ‘Harry Potter’ writer, JK Rowling.

Giselle Bundchen

This year marks Giselle’s seventh year as the world’s top-earning model and she could soon be the world’s first billionaire model. Wow, talk about success!

Christina Aguilera

We don’t love Xtina’s platinum blonde Barbie ‘do, but it’s definitely the lesser of two evils.

Zoe Saldana

The dress may be a bit shapeless on her, but we’re loving the sequin-and-blue combo she’s got going on. Different without being offensive. (Glamour Reel Moments)

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