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    Rimmel London
    BB Cream
    20 reviews
    15 hours ago

    give this one a skip


    This bb cream was ok. I found the formula of it a bit thicker than other bb creams I have tried and it had a sand like texture to it which I wasn't a fan of.

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    Rimmel London
    1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Liner
    64 reviews
    15 hours ago

    Well worth the money


    This is not a bad product by any means, it's a little bit dry and drags on the lips if you're using it all over but other than that it is definitely worth the money.

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    e.l.f. Australia
    Studio Blush
    15 reviews
    16 hours ago

    Not worth it!


    I had been wanting to try elf cosmetics for a while and picked up on of their studio blushes in tickled pink.

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    1. 14 hours ago

      Hi all We all love our beauty hauls but for some of us that means always ordering online or getting…

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    2. 16 hours ago

      On my recent trip to Hawaii I picked up one of those 'ball' shaped lip balms, thinking nothing special…

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    3. 17 hours ago

      **Warning** If you haven't received your Glosscars winners box, look away now. I had a shocking night…

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    4. 1 day ago

      So has any one got a fix it for red skin. I have really red cheeks, and I don't mean a nice rosy complexion…

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    5. 2 days ago

      It's driving me crazy when I can't locate a forum topic or a discussion on a forum. Sometimes forums…

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    6. 2 days ago

      Every time I use a product containing Retinol my Oily/Problematic skin breaks out badly. I thought Retinol…

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