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    Le Tan
    Coconut Water Instant Wash Off Self Tanning Spray
    1 review

    Great wash off tan


    The Le tan instant wash off tanning spray is made with coconut water which is hydrating on your skin.

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    Le Tan
    Application Mitt
    37 reviews

    Best tanning mit


    I have been using the Le tan tanning range for many years and this tanning mit makes every application flawless.
    I am left with a streak less tan every time.

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    Le Tan
    Moroccan Argan Oil Gradual Tanning Lotion
    2 reviews

    Great formula, smell and lasting.


    As a very big fan of the Le Tan products this is by far one of my favourite.

    To start off the packaging is really nice and makes it easy to store and reach for.

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      Hi all beauties, I need a little help and suggestions. I usually have dry skin and have been using…

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      I'm interested to know what people think about all the fuss over the cover of the latest David Jones…

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      Hello everybody, I saw this posted in a facebook group Korean Beauty & Skincare and thought it might…

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      Hi girls, I have this old Rimmel eyelash curler for years. I don't use it much because it keeps pinching…

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      I would love to buy a Brush Straightener and I've looked at a few different brands but I don't want to…

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      Help!! I'm pretty sure they're deleting my ultimate favourite mascara **L'Oreal False Lash Effect Butterfly…

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