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    Face of Australia
    Face Base Primer SPF 15 3 in 1
    45 reviews
    1 hour ago

    brilliant especially for the price!


    this primer is brilliant, it hydrates your skin so much leaving it feeling healthy and refreshed. it lightly smoothes pores and expands the longevity of your makeup.

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    Perfect Balance Primer
    2 reviews
    2 hours ago

    Ticks the boxes!


    It feels so smooth and silky on my skin without feeling heavy. It has a pleasant smell and is a dream product, giving me the perfect base for my makeup.

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    Blister Shield Plasters
    5 reviews
    2 hours ago



    I Love these! I always find that bandaids and other plasters slip off even the "tough" fabric stops, yet the scholl blister pads stay on all night long.

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    1. 10 hours ago

      Hi beauties. I've discovered rosehip oil this year and the first brand that I tried was Akin. Which I…

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    2. 14 hours ago

      Hey everyone, Throughout the past few years I've battled with depression, anxiety, weight gain, social…

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    3. 19 hours ago

      Heyyyy lovelies. I have some questions about getting keratin treatment done. Any personal experiences/tips…

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    4. 1 day ago

      I'm growing out my hair and the goal is hip length hair. Right now I have mid back length. So I was…

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    5. 2 days ago

      I'm posting this for anyone who may have shopped with Sephora today and taken advantage of their so called…

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    6. 3 days ago

      Hello beauties. I was wondering when does a love of beauty become an addiction? I am buying more and…

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