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    Australis Cosmetics
    Fierce Eyes Volumising Mascara
    1 review
    41 minutes ago



    I brought the fierce eyes duo for 40% off yesterday, so instead of paying an already great value price (12.95), I paid $7.77.

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    Maybelline New York
    Brow Satin Duo
    4 reviews
    47 minutes ago

    Best brow product ever!!!


    I picked up the brow duo for 40% of yesterday. I chose the Color medium brown. The Color is wonderful, highly pigmented, but still natural looking.

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    Batiste Dry Shampoo
    Coloured Dry Shampoo
    103 reviews
    1 hour ago

    Light and Blonde


    So I reviewed the Radiant Red colour a while ago while I had bright red hair, I loved that colour and was so impressed with the formula and colour HOWEVER the Light and Blonde colour was AWFUL!

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    1. 8 hours ago

      What do you guys think about kylie jenners lip kit? Worth the splurge? I personally don't want to give…

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    2. 21 hours ago

      Do we usually get points for our comments and posts on the forum section. I used to but it's been about…

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    3. 2 days ago

      Does anybody know of salons in Sydney who will use henna to colour your hair? I am wanting to go natural…

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    4. 2 days ago

      Hi beauties. I've discovered rosehip oil this year and the first brand that I tried was Akin. Which I…

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    5. 2 days ago

      Hey everyone, Throughout the past few years I've battled with depression, anxiety, weight gain, social…

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    6. 3 days ago

      Heyyyy lovelies. I have some questions about getting keratin treatment done. Any personal experiences/tips…

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