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    Save Our Skin by INNOXA
    5 reviews
    2 hours ago

    Puff be gone!


    I often wake with slightly puffy eyes and dark circles - perhaps too many late nights and not enough sleep!

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    Eye Shadow
    155 reviews
    5 hours ago

    Professional Quality


    A gorgeous wearable flat warm medium brown with no sparkle - that is how I can best describe this colour. It stayed put for the whole time I wore it - hours - it didn't move or budge.

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    Eye Brows
    27 reviews
    5 hours ago

    Effortless Brows!


    I found this went on so very effortlessly - the amount of pigment in it meant that I didn't need to push the product on like I do with cheap eyebrow products.

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    1. 2 hours ago

      I've heard that Peppermint Oil can be used to make your lips look plumper. Have any Beauties out there…

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    2. 3 hours ago

      Hi all :) Has anyone used this product before? I have been given a sample and am not sure of the…

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    3. 17 hours ago

      Hi All, Could you spare me a minute? I am doing surveys for my thesis about spa product. Would you help…

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    4. 21 hours ago

      I can't count how many products I have bought that promise to reduce the appearance of under eye circles…

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    5. 1 day ago

      Hi beauties! I went to Priceline yesterday and bought my first makeup haul. I'm not really a makeup girl…

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    6. 2 days ago

      Hey beauties, For those who are E.L corp store members or have permanent access to the stores and don't…

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