Leading global skin care brand, Olay, continues to change the conversation from ‘age’ to ‘accomplishment’, empowering women to defy expectations of age. Olay provides skin care products for women of all ages, an everyday ritual to remind women they can accomplish what the day throws at them. Established in the 1950’s by chemist, Graham Wulff, Olay continues to harness the power of innovation and scientific research to develop and evolve to exceed the challenges faced in today’s modern environment. Triggered by the results of over 10 years of ground-breaking research, Olay scientists confirmed ageless skin isn’t a result of just good DNA, rather a combination of lifestyle choices, including positive skin care habits. Proof that what you put on your skin does matter. From this research, Olay upgraded formulas across its cornerstone anti-ageing collections – Regenerist, Luminous and Total Effects, proven to deliver revolutionary results from day one. Ageless skin is for everyone. Olay is committed to celebrating women who are boldly living life and pursuing their goals, never defined by age.


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