Lovekins is an Australian wellness and skincare company specialising in a range of pregnancy and baby skincare and feminine hygiene products. Founder and CEO, Amanda Essery is a 6th generation Australian Chinese, born and raised in Darwin, The Northern Territory. Heavily influenced by Indigenous Australian culture, Amanda shares a strong connection with her nurturing land. Amanda created Lovekins to purposefully solve her daughter, Heidi’s dry skin condition. That’s how Lovekins was born. The brand’s vision is to improve the health and happiness of families by empowering them with unique Australian products. Lovekins supports local communities by using sustainable native ingredients. Its eco-friendly products provide families with a simpler approach to parenting to enable future generations to thrive. On the road to holistic wellness, Amanda realised that self-care was pertinent to herself and fellow sisters. Lovekins Women was a natural attrition to the Lovekins brand to support women and allow them to achieve their best.



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