Kenkay® Skincare was launched in Australia over 30 years ago. All products are Made in Australia with high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Kenkay® is well known for its iconic Sorbolene Cream. It comes in 3 formats: Pure Sorbolene, Sorbolene with 10% plant-based glycerin and Sorbolene with Vitamin E. All Sorbolene products can be used as a gentle moisturiser, as well as a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. The Kenkay® Extra Relief line has been specially developed for those suffering from mild eczema and dermatitis. It contains a generous amount of glycerin, sunflower oil and aloe vera to calm and protect skin. The Dry Skin Body Wash and Lotion are great everyday product to gently cleanse and hydrate skin.


Available at pharmacies.


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