Glow Lab

Glow Lab

Glow Lab natural skincare is founded on the philosophy that every woman deserves effective skincare, at a price that makes it easy to treat herself, every day. But Glow Lab isn’t just another natural brand. It’s point of difference – natural skincare that works – is the result of the scientifically-proven ingredients it uses in its blends to deliver the effectiveness women crave from natural skincare. Glow Lab’s offering is based on solid research with New Zealand women to discover what their ultimate natural skincare range would be, resulting in a product range that answered customer demands. The Glow Lab family continues to grow with exciting new ranges that have just hit the market: Glow Lab haircare and personal wash. The haircare range is also boosted with clinically-proven ingredients to strengthen and protect hair, while the luxurious body and hand wash formulations are super-hydrating, with elegant fragrances.


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