Say bonjour to FRENCHIE, the sexual wellness brand heralding in a sexual revolution for lovers.

Founded in Australia, but boasting the quintessentially French je ne sais quoi, FRENCHIE has been created for a new generation of lovers that echo our belief that sex should be fun, natural, simple and safe for all… Exactly as your sexual wellness products should be!

FRENCHIE has taken a leaf from the greatest lovers in history to create a brand that celebrates the joy of sex and self-love.

With a rapidly expanding range of sexual wellness products set to intensify the levels of oh la la in the bedrooms of lovers everywhere – including our FRENCHIE Beret Condoms, Love Lubes, Le Masque and Lovers Packs/Bundles – FRENCHIE will allow you to place priority on the pleasure of both your partner and yourself… All in that oh so French way.



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