Fitcover leaves no room for excuses. Bridging the gap between makeup and fitness, Fitcover was established to boost confidence in active lifestyles. It has since become so much more than that.

Founder, Nova Jane, has always been involved in fitness. She has trained in all things team sports like LFL, to solo fitness competitions, to everything in between.

Like so many of us however, she suffered from painful cystic acne which left her wanting to hide her face. And so she did…with heavy makeup. The trouble was, sweat and makeup did not work well together and caused even more skin irritation, doing no favours to boost her confidence.

That’s where Fitcover was born. It’s the first fitness makeup created to be worn WHILE you work out. Fitcover products are sweat-proof and act as skincare, all while disguised as makeup. It allows sweat to pass through without blocking your pores.

Not only do Fitcover’s products do wonders for your skin, but their ingredients are also naturally derived, nourishing and cruelty-free too. Application is easy and effortless as well, giving you more time to reach your fitness goals and less time wasted in front of a mirror.




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