Estée Lauder

In 1946 in New York, Estée Lauder started her company armed only with her desire to bring out the beauty in every woman and a jar of skin cream developed by a chemist uncle. By the time she introduced the revolutionary fragrance Youth-Dew in 1953, Estée Lauder’s company had already earned a reputation for innovation, quality and customer service. Today, the Estée Lauder collection of skincare, makeup and fragrance exemplifies the best that art and science can achieve. Renowned for developing technologically advanced formulas that deliver superb results, Estée Lauder products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. Estée Lauder has evolved dramatically over the years innovating such now-commonplace industry practices such as sampling, gift-with-purchase, women buying fragrance for themselves, the development of ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids and peptides, and the anti-aging and luxury skincare categories.



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