Essano’s philosophy is to deliver certified organic goodness, beautiful products and amazing results for everyone.

With a strong commitment to no compromises, no animal testing and no harsh chemicals, Essano is a truly natural, sustainable brand. They carefully select each ingredient, choosing plant-based and natural ingredients that are proven for their effectiveness and ability to deliver amazing results.

The brand is ethically and socially responsible. They control their entire manufacturing process from “plants to products” to monitor every step of a product’s development. They believe so strongly in these values that they have it on the front of all of their packaging.

Essano is focused on creating beautiful, effective products that give ​customers something special, every day. It may just be a moment of peace in the shower, at her desk during a busy day or when she hops into bed feeling refreshed and smelling gorgeous… whatever her moment, it should be special, that’s where Essano comes in.


Priceline stores, Coles and selected Woolworths beauty stores


1800 239 657


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