Eau Thermale Avène

This distinctive range of skincare is formulated using Avène Thermal Spring Water. This particular spring water was discovered in 1736 in a small village in the southern France, and was later declared to be of public benefit in dermatology. Following a journey of over 40 years, the Avène Thermal Spring Water is collected and directed towards the production plant where the products are manufactured, and to the Hydrotherapy Centre where it is used to treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, very sensitive, intolerant, and allergic skin. Its unique mineral composition is constant, and this is what gives the Avène Thermal Spring Water its soothing, softening and anti-irritating properties. Every product from the range is rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, and therefore benefits from these therapeutic properties. The Eau Thermale Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed safe and efficient products for a wide range of skin types and skin conditions, suitable for the most sensitive skins.


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