Sex questions, answered by a man!


If you’ve ever felt the urge to Google sex-related questions, specifically in reference to the male species, you’ve probably seen the slew of rather unusual auto-prompted questions. And since  some of us out are dying to know the reason why guys love boobs so much, or what sex feels like for a man, decided to ask a man to put an end to the wondering, and answer the questions straight up. Here are his answers:

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How does sex feel for the first time?

“Warm, weird and over too quickly.”

How does sex happen?

“[Sex] doesn’t happen accidentally. If you want to know when sex, in terms of the loose, traditional definition occurs, it’s when the penis enters the vagina or butt, or two vaginas rub up all on each other. Oral sex and manual stimulation also count. I guess this is actually more confusing than you’d think.”

Why do guys…

Love boobs? “Men like boobs because boobs are foreign to us, but it helps that they’re also fun.”

Cheat? “There are a few reasons guys might cheat, including a huge discrepancy in income, or just because, well, they’re born cheaters.”

Also have nipples? And according to science, “men have nipples because women do too, and we all start out the same in utero. They develop early enough that we still have them even if we don’t use them, like utensils at a barbecue.”

Why is sex…

Essential? “Sexual reproduction is important because it’s how we propagate our species. From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s how we avoid extinction, so that’s cool.”

So damn good? “Sex is good for you for a variety of reasons, beyond just being recreationally fun. It can boost your health, happiness… and immune system and the endorphins it generates in your body act as a painkiller”.

bh tip: If you don’t have time for a sack sesh, a kiss will also work wonders for your stress levels.

So there you have it… Some of the most highly googled sex questions as answered by a man. Groundbreaking, isn’t it?

What other sex questions have you typed into Google?

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