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Your bridesmaids have been champions, haven’t they? From organising your hen’s night and kitchen tea, to happily going along with every single one of your wedding requests, no doubt they really have been fabulous.

So we’re guessing you want to give each of them a small gift to show how much you appreciate all that they’ve done, right? Well, if the sentiment is there but the gifting inspiration has you at a loss, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out:

Give…a gift that they can use on your wedding day.

Some brides want their bridesmaids to look unified – same dress, same hair, same shoes – while others aren’t too fussed if they look a little different. Whatever your preference, it’s always nice to have something that ties the bridesmaids together, no matter how small. Gift each of them with a pair of beautifully sparkling, yet still subtle (don’t want to outshine the bride!), Blomdahl Medical Grade studs with Swarovski Crystals. A nice touch would also be to give each bridesmaid the same shade of sheer lipstick so that touch-ups can be quick and easy during the night. ARTISTRY Lip Colour Sheer SPF 15 in Princessis the perfect soft pink hue that will suit all skin tones.

Give…a gift that pampers

There’s no doubt that your bridesmaids have worked hard and may need some time to rest after your big day, so why not make that post-wedding relaxation that much more special for them? MOR has created an entire section on their website called Destination Bride, which will have all your gifting needs sorted. For example, the MOR To Rome with Love gift packs contain, amongst other things, a decadent Body Butter, a fragrant Petite Candle, and a luxurious Hand Cream. Plus, who doesn’t love a gorgeous cosmetics case that can be used again and again?

Give…a post-wedding treat

Do some of your bridesmaids love getting a fake tan every few weeks? Or maybe some get their nails done regularly? Give each bridesmaid a voucher for the kind of beauty treatment that they just can’t get enough of.
Tuscan Tan Original 8 Hour Spray Tan is the perfect gift for the girl who loves a subtle, bronzed glow, while an endota spa face gift voucher is just the thing for the bridesmaid who can’t go a month without a facial. And if one of your friends is the kind of lady who treats herself to a two-week chip-free mani on the regular, a voucher to get a Bio Sculpture Non-Chip Longer Lasting Manicure and Pedicure done will leave her feeling pleased as punch.

The finishing touch:
No matter what gift you give your bridesmaids, why not make sure you give them a thank-you card as beautiful as the gift itself? Cristina Re DIY Stationery Collection ‘The Art of Elegance’ features gorgeous cards with lace patterns, white peonies, Asian-inspired cranes, and silver peacock motifs to make any girl swoon. The hand-created and customised bespoke cards will be just as treasured as the gifts.

What gifts would/did you give your bridesmaids? As a bridesmaid, what gifts have you received?
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  1. I bought them all a beautiful set of earrings and matching necklace which I gave them on the wedding day to wear for my special day and they got to keep them. This is kind of standard practice from where I come from.

    When I was a bridesmaid I’ve been given jewellery from two separate brides and the shoes I wore on the day from another bride along with a jewellery set. Yes my friends and family have good taste so I loved the shoes and have worn them several times since and who can have too much pretty jewellery? That’s always a nice treat!

  2. there is so much yeah to think about when planning a wedding! : ) When we found my engagement ring the jeweller also gave us a free wedding planner hardcover book which was so good because it helped us so much.

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