You review: five brilliant body buys

You review: five brilliant body buys

It’s officially time to shed your summer skin and prepare for the cooler weather. Find out which body conditioning products Bh members are raving about right now…

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash, from $15.50 (75mL)
“I felt so blessed to receive this to try. It smells divine. A sensual blend of essential oils has your senses doing star jumps and your skin feels luxurious. I’m hooked. It comes in a handy pump bottle, which is great for the shower and is so massive it will last forever as you don’t need to use much. At $67.50 for 500mL, I’ll be keeping this one out of my daughter’s reach – I am going to make this experience last as long as I can. Would I buy it? Sure. A girl deserves to treat herself!” Rating: 5/5 – Saramaree, trial team member

L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizing Body Cream, $58.95
“Filled with wonderful ingredients, it’s good enough to eat, but I definitely won’t because that would be wasting an incredible product!
The whipped texture is definitely its biggest plus point – it’s so soft, smooth and utterly heavenly against my skin. Moisturises well. L’Occitane is really good for products like this!”  Rating: 5/5 – Maesha
Pevonia Botanica Essential Oil Bath Salts Anti-Stress, $45
“I purchased these on a whim following a treatment. After floating out of the treatment room, I decided I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible so I splurged on these salts. They are amazing: I feel like the water is softer and the aroma is ooooohhhhhhh-so nice. A soak in a warm bath with these salts will have you feeling on top of the world.” Rating: 5/5 – Princess75

Vani-T Body Shampoo – Hydrating Body Wash, $17.50
“How yummy is this? Answer: extremely. The fragrance takes me away to another place and my skin is left feeling amazing, especially my décolletage, which becomes softer, smoother and younger-looking. This is not only a body wash – it’s an all-in-one super treatment. I have yet to use it as a hair and facial cleanser, but will report back when I do.” Rating: 5/5 – Glamourcat

Reniu Coconut Sugar Rub, $28
“Yes, this scrub does work… The granules are big enough and something else in it, probably the alpha hydroxy acids, combines with [the granules] to deliver that slightly raw, tingly, super clean feeling. At the same time, the oils moisturise the skin and you walk out of the shower with your skin feeling sooo soft. But the best part is the smell. I love smelling like summer and the scent of this is unmistakably tropical and so good. I go around smelling my arm until the scent wears off. Strange, I know, but it’s seriously that yummy.” Rating: 5/5 – shaqi 
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