Winter Beauty Tips To Try As The Weather Gets Colder

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It’s no secret that beauty is very seasonal. Summer? Bronzer and beach waves. Autumn? Cream blush and copper hair. Winter? The perfect time to try out the beauty tips you’ve been curious about…

Why? Think: more opportunities to cover up (hide mistakes) and more time at home to test things out. Nobody likes to venture out in the freezing wind after all.

Here are just some of the winter beauty tips we’ll be taking advantage of as the cold weather hits…

#1 A new hair removal routine

If you’ve ever wanted to try a different hair removal method, winter is the ideal season to do so.

When it comes to laser hair removal, for example, sun exposure is a no-no. And it’s a lot easier to steer clear of it in winter time. Plus, by the time summer rolls around again you should be nearing the end of your sessions and virtually hair-free!

As for waxing, starting off requires hairs to grow to a certain length. And if you’re someone who hates it when their prickly stems are on show, your winter wardrobe will provide the perfect disguise as you ease into a new routine.

P.S. If pain is holding you back with either of these options, try a numbing cream to take the edge off.

hair removal

Marzena Liquid Sugar Wax, $15.99 at

Nad’s Sensitive Body Wax Strips, $12.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Numit Numbing Cream, $11.49 at Chemist Warehouse

#2 Try out a fresh hair colour

Like the idea of becoming a redhead? Bleached blonde? Or going back to your natural shade altogether?

If there’s ever a time to dive in and do it, winter is it. Beanies, hats and scarfs will have your back should anything go wrong.

And if you’re planning to DIY a dramatic change, make sure to both reset (remove any previous dye with a colour remover) and rehydrate (with nourishing conditioners) for the best result.

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#3 Experiment with skin care

Testing out new skin care can be scary. Particularly if you experience sensitive skin. But whether it be active ingredients or oils you’re keen to trial, winter provides a pretty good window to peel or breakout away from too many social occassions or prying eyes.

Just remember that if it’s highly recommended to wear sunscreen after using a product, this still applies in winter. The sun may be hiding, but UVA and UVB rays can still reach you through the clouds.

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Skin O2 2% Retinol Serum, $120 at

Olay Vitamin C Resurfacing Treatment Mask + AHA Peel Serum Activator, $27.50 at Woolworths

Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil, $22.99 at

#4 Get creative with makeup

Sure, curling up under a blanket and watching a movie is a great way to spend a winter evening. But curling up in front of the mirror and practicing new eye looks/false lash application? Now that’s our idea of heaven.

Utilise that winter solitude to elevate your winged eyeliner technique or try out colours that always seem ‘too risky’ before an event. With nowhere to go but the sofa and some quick cleansing solutions by your side, there’s no harm done if it doesn’t work out.

lashes palette

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WaterWipes Facial Wipes, $9 at Amazon AU

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What’s your best winter beauty tip? What do you love most about the season?

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  1. I’ve noticed my skin has already started to get dry as the mornings are getting cooler.
    What do I love most about the season? I also love all the changing colors of leaves and I also prefer my autumn/winter wardrobe. This is my favourite time of the year.

  2. I love winter! I don’t go out as much during summertime – I can’t stand the heat! I date more in winter, so I do full makeup. In summer, I just throw on enough to make me decent. I wear sunscreen year-round.

  3. I use more lip balms and body moisturiser in winter and sometimes I use a lighter shade of tinted moisturiser, but that is about the only difference in my routine between the seasons

  4. The Revolution eye palettes are gorgeous and so reasonably priced but I had a reaction to the eye makeup unfortunately. This isn’t new to me as I have super sensitive eyes. Gorgeous products for those who can use them.

  5. My skincare routine doesn’t change much in winter. However, I use the cooler months to use up as many opened jars, tubes and bottles of moisturisers on dry patches of skin (particularly on upper body).

  6. I love everything about winter! The clothes and darker hair and makeup. Not having to worry about burning after 5 mins in the sun, applying SPF constantly, sweating all my makeup off, the heat and humidity which gives me migraines! Comfy soft blankets and delicious hearty meals! I’m originally from Europe so I love the cold, if only we had snow here in QLD! Oh and that make up palette looks gorgeous and quality for the price! ☃️❄💙

  7. My skin type is oily but gets dried out in the cold so I always change to a thicker moisturiser still with SPF. Definitely lip balm always! Hand cream, body lotion, hot showers with hydrating body washes and baths with bath bombs and oils…. ah bliss! Also I love to try new perfumes in winter especially since the ones I love are all very overwhelming during the heat. Dark, sexy and mysterious notes like TF Black Orchid just smell amazing during the cold! Just a spritz on a scarf or cardigan lasts forever 😌🌹🖤

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