Wicked new trend: velvet nails


Are you in the market for a new nail trend that’s sure to set you well apart from the pack? With nail art’s popularity hitting an all time high thanks to easy-to-use stencils and innovations a’plenty coming at us, it’s getting a little tricky to discover a cool new trend that you won’t see on the digits of every second girl you pass on the street.

Enter velvet nails.

WHAT YOU TALKING’ ABOUT? I can almost hear your disbelief through the screen. It seems preposterous, doesn’t it? I mean we’ve dallied with different finishes before – don’t get me wrong – but capturing the short, fuzzy feeling of velvet on your nails? Surely it can’t be done? Oh, but it can.

Like a lot of memorable trends, velvet nails kicked off in the UK, and I first clapped eyes on this terrific trend while browsing through some mags and newspapers in London.

UK nail varnish brand Ciaté has released a DIY velvet manicure kit that comes in three different shades and includes three pieces (nail varnish, a tube of same-coloured velvet fibres and an application brush). The idea is to coat your nails with the polish, then apply the fibres with a brush for a luxurious, velvety finish.

I reckon mind-blowing textured manicures will be making it big over here, too. The Ciaté kits aren’t available in Australia yet, but the brand does deliver here (visit www.ciate.co.uk for details).

In the market for a hot new nail trend? Here’s some more inspiration to take your nails to the next dimension:

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How daring are you with your nail looks? What’s the nail art trend you most want to try?

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