3 reasons chewing gum is good for your teeth

3 reasons chewing gum is good for your teeth

The act of chewing gum sounds rather naughty, doesn’t it? And maybe even a little childlike? This is true where bright coloured balls of flavoured gum are concerned, but the sugar-free varieties you see dotted around the supermarkets and convenience stores are actually anything but.

Chewing sugar-free gum as an adult is actually ridiculously good for your teeth, and something we should all be doing daily. So, instead of reaching for a sweet treat after each meal, tuck into some minted gum and you’ll not only satisfy your craving, but make your teeth extremely happy, too.


#1. It helps clean your teeth

Do you brush your teeth each time you’ve finished eating? Didn’t think so. But don’t worry – just pop some gum into your mouth and consider the job done. Well, almost. Because the act of chewing sugar-free gum stimulates a high rate of saliva flow, food particles wedged in between your teeth, in your mouth and on the surface of your teeth are rinsed away. This doesn’t mean you can ditch the toothbrush altogether, but it does mean you don’t need to take it with you here, there and everywhere.

#2. It reduces acid wear

After you eat, the acid levels in your mouth rise, which is bad news for your teeth. Too much acid in your mouth causes your tooth enamel to soften, putting them at great risk of dental erosion, which leads to cavities. Chewing gum reduces this acid attack by helping the mouth produce more saliva. As its main natural defence against acid, the mouth can then help replace any lost minerals through the increase in saliva, effectively re-strengthening the teeth.

#3. The sweetener Xylitol actually helps prevent cavities

Sugar is bad for your teeth, this we know. Yet despite its sweet, sugary taste, Xylitol is actually good for your teeth. This naturally occurring sweetener that’s commonly used in gum is mighty effective at preventing cavities because it doesn’t act as fuel for the nasty organisms living in your mouth like real sugar does. The means bacteria levels are reduced, making your mouth a safer place for your teeth to inhabit.

Added bonus: chewing gum also combats bad breath and dry mouth, which are caused by a lack of saliva. Yes, we already know the minty flavour makes our breathe smell instantly fresher, but because your mouth naturally produces more saliva while you’re chewing, it targets the cause of your stinky breath at the same time.

Did you know chewing sugar-free gum had so many health benefits for your teeth? How often do you chew gum? Will you be popping a few pellets into your mouth after eating from now on?

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