Which celebrity toe-tally got it wrong?


If a photo speaks 1000 words, I can think of a few that come to mind for this one…



What the?

Yes, while shoes that don’t fit look awkward at the best of times, not being able to squeeze your toes into a shoe means that you should probably change-up your choice in footwear.

Do you know which celebrity ‘walked’ the red carpet looking like this?

It’s an actress we all know and love – an actress that prides herself on her youthful complexion, her vibrant strands and beautiful fair skin.

Get it yet?

One thing must be taken from this red carpet conundrum… If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t get up and strut down a red carpet wearing it… for goodness sake.

Oh, and the offender is Julianne Moore – can you believe it?!

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