We Review: Mother’s Day

We Review: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s time to make your mum feel extra special. If you haven’t found the right gift yet, don’t stress, we’ve got a few suggestions. This month we reviewed four products that we know our mums would love!

If you’re unsure of what you should get your mum this year, take a look at these tried and tested beauty gifts. Discover the rose-scented face set that bh’s Beth used to revive her complexion, find out which hair tool bh’s Vanessa is using for effortless styling, read up on the fragrance duo bh’s Astrid loves for her home, and discover bh’s Sophie’s favourite hand cream.

Jurlique Immersive Rituals Face Care Set

bh’s Beth says:

I recently returned from a holiday where I spent a lot of time in the sun, so my skin’s been a bit worse for wear – rough, dry and irritated. Keen to revive my complexion, I was more than happy to give the Jurlique Immersive Rituals Face Care Set a go.

The products included a face mask, face mist, facial essence and day moisturiser (applied in that order). The face mask was unlike any other I had tried in the past – it’s consistency was similar to a lotion (reminded me of sorbolene creme) and it was very rich. It also featured Jurlique’s signature rose scent. I applied a thin layer and opted to remove the excess with cotton pads after 10 minutes, which left my skin feeling very soft and well hydrated. Next up, the face mist – a Jurlique hero product which helped refresh and prep my skin for the facial essence. The essence was probably my favourite product in the range – it has an invigorating botanical scent (love) and it genuinely felt like I was plumping up my skin with moisture as I patted it in. Finally, the facial moisturiser, which was surprisingly rich for a day cream, but incredibly nourishing. After using these products together, my skin was soft, plump and glowing (albeit a teeny bit sticky from the moisturiser). I would definitely recommend the whole set for a tres luxurious at-home facial. It’d also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for mums in need of some pampering!

Philips MoistureProtect Straightener

bh’s Vanessa says:

I love using the Phillips MoistureProtect Straightener! It straightens my thick hair so effortlessly and with the added moisture protect option, I find that I have less breakage! The clever technology in this straightener means that it doesn’t ruin my strands, but it actually nourishes. And the best bit of all, it minimizes frizz! I will continue to use this product as I absolutely love how it makes my hair look and feel. For me personally, I love curling my hair too, so the fact that I am able to create such simple and effortless hairstyles such as waves with this straightener, it saves me so much time. I would recommend this straightener to others as it doesn’t damage your hair, heats up in an instant, minimizes frizz and allows you to create several different looks!

Glasshouse Fragrance Kyoto – Camellia & Lotus Perfect Pair

bh’s Astrid says:

Like most women, I’m a fan of scents in the home, but since my husband and I recently acquired a male housemate, I’ve found that a good home scent is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in our apartment.

The great thing about this candle and diffuser duo is that because it’s not a particularly overpowering fragrance it’s perfect for our household. Previously I’ve found candles that I’ve burned at home which are too sweet or too floral really don’t bode well with the others, but Kyoto has a real creaminess to it thanks to the camellia, lots and amber blend that we all enjoy, especially now as we move into the cooler months. While I’ve never really been a fan of diffusers, and I prefer larger sized candles, I’ve really enjoyed having this pair in my home.

Elucent Whitening Hand Cream

bh’s Sophie says:

A good hand cream is an absolute necessity of mine. After all, our hands are just as susceptible to the first signs of aging as our faces. I make it a daily ritual to apply hand cream whenever I’m at my desk and let the product soak in while I’m typing away.

The Elucent Whitening Hand Cream is fast becoming my favourite hand cream yet – and this is coming from a hand cream hoarder! It not only moisturises but it also brightens my skin tone, making my hands appear smoother and more youthful.  The formula has a thick consistency, however the product sinks into my skin within a few seconds so there’s no need to wait for greasy hands to dry. The hand cream contains phyllanthus emblica fruit extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, safflower seed oil and vitamin B3 – all incredibly powerful ingredients that aim to increase cell turnover, skin elasticity and reduce discoloration. I would recommend this hand cream to anyone who wants to start taking better care of their hands. It would also make a great Mother’s Day gift!

What will you be buying for your mum this Mother’s Day? Have you tried any of the products we reviewed?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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