When prickly pins just won’t do

When prickly pins just won’t do

You’re heading off to the beach with your girlfriends and you suddenly realise your legs are far from silky – in fact, you could possibly be mistaken for an exotic hairy animal. Strip down into your bikini looking like this, and you’re sure to be pretty red-faced (not to mention the laughing stock of the beach!). 

You begin to freak out. It’s too late to book a waxing appointment, and the mere thought of using a razor on your pins when you’ve been waxing for years makes you shudder. It’s times like these you need a fast and effective DIY solution – and as it just so happens, we’ve got one for you!

Waxaway Ready To Use Strips for Body are pre-waxed strips that are specially designed for quick and easy at-home waxing. Formulated with salon-strength wax, the wax strips effectively remove short and stubborn hairs in minutes, allowing you to go from fuzzy to fabulously smooth in no time at all!

Don’t believe us? Check out what our member, TeeBee had to say about them:

“These are a great wax strip to use for convenience sake. They’re quick to warm in your hands, easy to apply, and easy to remove. They’re quite reasonably sized, which makes waxing large areas a breeze. I find they work well on my sensitive skin and don’t cause irritation. Work best if ripped off quickly. Whilst I still use regular strip wax as well I find these are perfect for when you want a quick mess free wax, and they can be packed easily for travel!” – TeeBee

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Want a salon-quality wax from the comfort of your own home? Invest in the Waxaway Professional Wax Kit. It contains a Waxaway Professional Wax Heater, a Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula Wax Cartridge, Waxaway Professional Wax Strips, and Waxaway After Care Lotion with Mango & Witch Hazel, and is ideal for use on larger parts of your body.

For smaller areas (think lip, brows and other areas of the face), we love Waxaway Precision Wax Wand, and it looks like you do too – you voted it the Best Hair Removal product in our 2011 Best in Beauty awards after all!

Have you ever waxed at home?

What’s your preferred method of hair removal? 

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