How to get legs like Victoria Beckham

How to get legs like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham: Fashioner designer, beauty boss, ex-pop Princess and owner of one seriously enviable pair of pins.

Now, that’s a resume we’d like to emulate.

The 46-year-old recently shared a picture from lockdown on Instagram that left us shook. No, she wasn’t smiling. In fact, her face wasn’t even up for questioning. What held our attention instead, was the case of her lower half.

Once we got over the fact the usual pant-suit-wearer was in denim booty shorts, it was fairly evident what stopped us mid-scroll; Mrs Beckham has got damn good legs. 


And if you’re sitting there thinking ‘I have no idea what my legs look like under these track pants right now’, firstly, same, and secondly, here’s how to whip yours into shape, just like VB.

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Try some leg-loving exercises

Tone like that doesn’t come easy (although we’re sure Victoria’s heel-wearing habits have helped). 

She previously told The Guardian Weekend that she starts every day with a 45-minute stint on the treadmill, often waking at 5:30-6am in order to fit it in. Her time on the tred includes a “mix of uphill fast walking, jogging, running.”

Victoria follows this with a 60-minute personal training session, of which 30 minutes is focused on toning and conditioning the legs. She often trains with Tracy Anderson, whose methods and workouts you can find on Youtube if you’re keen to give it a crack.


De-fuzz and smooth the skin

Victoria switched from shaving to laser hair removal upon recommendation of friend and actress, Eva Longoria. But you don’t have to spend big or head to a salon for long-term hair removal results.

Waxing is a great DIY method, as it removes hair at the root for up to four weeks of smooth results. You can also try IPL, using an at-home device.

Another must for smooth skin (especially when you’re no longer shaving) is to continue to exfoliate dead skin cells. Give them a scrub every week or so for silky results.

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Hydrate and treat

VB knows from years of working with dermatologists that when you exfoliate, you need to add hydration back in.

Particularly as the weather gets colder, ensure the body wash you’re keeping in the shower has hydrating ingredients and gentle cleansers that won’t strip the skin. And yes, we do recommend washing your legs!

If you have any scars, pigmentation or problem areas, treat these straight after showering, while the skin is supple, so the ingredients will penetrate better.

Finish with a layer of your favourite moisturiser to seal it all in. 


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Don’t forget your feet

Smooth legs don’t stop at your ankle, you’ve got to give your feet some loving too.

While it’s winter, you could try a peel to remove stubborn dead skin. Be warned, you’ll need to wear socks to bed because the shedding is real.

Otherwise, invest in a good foot file to use every time you do DIY pedicure. They’re well worth it for keeping heels smooth. 

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Main image credit: @victoriabeckham

Did you know Victoria Beckham had such great legs? What are your top tips for looking after your stems?

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  1. Yes you have to work out it, some of us don’t have the time to do all this training we are busy trying to make ends meet. Stay active and off your bottom helps, sitting down is the new smoking.

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