5 reasons why your skin isn’t smooth

5 reasons why your skin isn’t smooth

There’s no better body lovin’ moment than when you’re able to run your hands across your legs, arms and stomach and feel nothing but soft, smooth and beautiful skin.

But this moment isn’t so easy to come by. In fact, there are five common reasons why many of us may find our skin to be rough, prickly and irritated rather than silky smooth.

1. You’re not exfoliating on a regular basis

Exfoliating regularly is a beauty step that people often forget, but is crucial when it comes to sporting smooth, silky skin. Not only does it remove any dead and rough skin, but it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. And, after all your hair removal efforts, the last thing you want ruining your smooth skin is a bumpy ingrown hair! For the best results, exfoliate every 2-5 days, depending on what irritates your skin the least while offering the best results.

2. You’re not nourishing from within

What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. If your diet is lacking in nutrients and vitamins, the skin can become dehydrated and effectively breakdown the skin’s natural protective layer. To ensure your skin is well hydrated, protected and in a healthy condition, natural foods and ingredients need to be consumed regularly. When a diet full of natural foods is combined with body products containing similar natural ingredients, the skin is receiving nourishment from both the inside and out, helping it to become as silky and smooth as possible. 

3. You’re using the incorrect body lotion

If you find moisturising ineffective or more trouble than it’s worth, it could be possible that you’re using the incorrect body lotion. The best lotions are those that contain ingredients that effectively penetrate the skin to hydrate from within, instead of leaving behind a greasy film that merely sits on the skin. Keep an eye out for soothing and calming ingredients like aloe vera, for extra softness and protection from irritation.

4. You’re using harsh soaps and hair removal methods

Although the skin on your body may seem strong, this doesn’t mean that harsh soaps and hair removal methods won’t cause damage. Soaps containing harsh cleansers can strip the skin of its natural moisture leaving it dry and raw. Similarly, removing hair in a rough manner such as shaving can irritate the skin, causing red bumps and also contributing to dryness.

Veet Natural Inspirations alleviates both of these problems by producing products with both effective hair removal and skin care in mind. Veet products will help leave your skin smooth, moisturised and hair-free without irritation.

5. Waxing incorrectly

When performed correctly, waxing is an effective and long-lasting way to remove hair. But when performed incorrectly, the hairs may actually break, rather than being removed from the roots, so the skin never feels completely smooth.

The Veet Natural Inspirations range consists of easy-to-use products, to ensure the best results can be achieved at home. There are five different options to suit every hair removal preference and concern:

Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips with Aloe Vera – the fast and effective way to remove hair from the legs and arms. The special grip tab makes it easy to perfect your waxing technique and the finishing wipes will quickly remove any excess wax for a smooth finish.

Veet Natural Inspirations Face Wax Strips with Shea Butter– these little strips are ideal for smaller areas like the upper lip or brow. They contain shea butter extract* and will keep the delicate skin on the face feeling ultra-soft and hair-free.

Veet Natural Inspirations Sugar Wax with Argan Oil – Finally, no more sticky residue after waxing! This sugar wax is formulated to wash off with just water, so you no longer have to worry about a messy bathroom or sticky skin. Plus, the spatula has a temperature indicator so you’ll never burn yourself again! And it’s 100% naturally sourced!

Veet Natural Inspirations Cream with Grape Seed Oil – Not a fan of waxing no matter how easy it is? Well perhaps this depilatory cream will be more up your alley. It’s a pain-less way to break down the hair and also contains grape seed oil extract, leaving the skin soft and moisturised.

Veet Natural Inspirations In Shower Cream with Grape Seed Oil – For the Queens of multi-tasking, you can’t go past this in shower cream. Pop it on while you wash your hair and remove it before you jump out to reveal velvety smooth skin in minutes.

*contains 0.1% w/w natural extract

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