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Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Sensitive Legs & Arms Refill


100 female reviewers aged between 21-35 years old with normal to sensitive skin that were keen to remove hair from their arms and/or legs at home. Triallists’ leg hair should be 2mm or longer to use this product effectively.

Overall star rating during this trial*:

beautyheaven says:

Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Sensitive Legs & Arms Refill is perfect for people who have steered clear of at-home waxing kits for fear of irritating their sensitive skin. Infused with skin nourishing almond oil, the Sensitive Legs & Arms Refill for the Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On is the perfect option to achieve smooth, hair-free skin at home.

Members found that when allowing the wax to heat for the desired 40 minutes or longer, the application was smooth and the wax was easy to work with. While some members found that not all hairs were collected with the first pull of the wipe, other members found that if their hairs were the right length (2mm or longer) the hairs were removed effectively, especially if they applied two layers of wax to the area. A few members found the scent of the wax to be overpowering, but most members liked the fresh lotus flower fragrance of the wax. Members also commented on how their legs felt less irritated after their full leg wax than after previous waxes using other products.

You say:

“It felt quite nice on the skin, so I was happy to use the wax and the sensitive formula felt much better than usual formulas. I am so sick of messy home waxes so this has been a relief!” – gracious. Read more…
“This Veet Wax Roll On is absolutely fantastic, it gave me a salon finish without even leaving the house. It worked just as well as having it done professionally. It was soooo easy to use and it left my legs feeling smooth without the red, bumpy rash.” – Piccolanippy. Read more…
“The wax removed all the hairs beneath it without an issue and with very little discomfort at all. Half an hour later there is no redness or lumps on my skin, so you can’t even tell I waxed today. My legs now feel smooth, but slightly greasy from the finishing wipe.” – BlackAbbey. Read more…
“I didn’t have any skin irritation from the wax, aside from the standard redness after any waxing. I waxed around 10pm at night and this was well and truly gone by the next morning, leaving me with silky soft and hair-free legs.” – xCarla. Read more…
“After pulling the wax strip off, that area of my leg felt incredibly smooth, with no sign of any hairs. I really like this product and would definitely choose it over any other home wax system, because I felt like it was not only easier to apply, but also felt cleaner and less mess was created.” – Ally_xo. Read more…

*Ratings refer to the 86 members included in the trial and is correct as of September 1 2013.

Do you like to do your waxing yourself at home? Would you prefer to use a product designed for sensitive skin? Do you like the sound of these refills?

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