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It’s one thing for me to sit here and blog about the great new products that have crossed my desk, but lets face it, when you’re doing your pre-purchase research, you want to hear reviews from more than one person, right?

Which is exactly why I love the concept of trial teams (great idea whoever at bh first thought of that!).

Not only do they mean that people other than the beauty editors of the industry get to trial the latest products, but they also reflect the reviews and experiences of a variety of women – allowing you to make a more educated decision before buying.

Here’s what you guys are saying about a few of the products being trialed at the moment:

Listerine® Whitening®
“This mouthwash leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh, thought with a little bit of an aftertaste that I recognised as the same as other teeth whitening products I have used (both at home gels and one I had in the dentist a few years ago). I will definitely keep using this, as my teeth look brighter and I like that it hardens enamel – I know that the more intense teeth whitening products and procedures I have used in the past can soften tooth enamel, so I guess using this every day will save stains building up and having to bring in the big guns which could do more harm than good. I think it would also be good for people who invest in teeth whitening to keep them white and stop stains building up. Don’t be turned off by the taste and bubbling (I noticed some of the other testers were), it is the same effect that all teeth whitening products have, it’s just the ingredient they all use.” – BridgetM

Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder
“I normally get red cheeks and a red nose from blushing, working at out the gym, and when it is humid. So I was very fortunate to receive the TT for this product. ”¨I found this powder to be a great base, on top of my primer and underneath my foundation. The product comes with a great little brush. The brush is soft and applies the powder on evenly. The powder is silky, smooth and does not itch my skin which is a bonus as sometimes my skin can react to certain powders. ”¨I find the powder sets really well and does not give a yellowish hue rather it blends well with my foundation and actually covering my red skin. ”¨I have oily skin and I find this product very useful to touch up through out the day. The powder may seem expensive, but it comes in a very decent size. However I think a travel size would be great as I have so many things in my bag hehe.” – Yvette Rose

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub
“I have been using this product in conjunction with the same face wash and have found that my skin has been in much better condition than in the past. I love that this scrub is not harsh or dying on my skin however I would like if there was a bit more scrub in the solution. Overall my skin looked better and any imperfections healed faster while using this product and at the price I will be buying this again!” – itseternity

Do you do pre-purchase research or are you more of an impulse buyer?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Review them now to earn points that you can swap for free beauty products in RewardsRoom.

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