Trial team: Be Genki bodycare

Trial team: Be Genki bodycare

The Trial Team is a panel of trusted beautyheaven members who put beauty buys through their paces. Do they deliver? Are they worth your cash? This week, Lisa reviews aromatherapeutic bodycare by Be Genki…

The judge: Lisa, 26. Read Lisa’s beauty bio
On trial: Be Genki Sensuality Body Cream
The price:
The verdict:
The Sensuality Body Cream by Be Genkipromises to be an “ultra-rich, long-lasting moisturiser to hydrate and protect your skin whilst also leaving it silky smooth and glowing.” This product definitely delivers everything that it promises and is a wonderful moisturiser to use when you need something to enrich dry and damaged skin.

The texture is smooth and creamy whilst the scent, which is not overpowering, delivers hints of lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, melissa, jasmine and rose. At $34 a jar for 120mL, it’s not a budget buy, but I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants a rich, fabulous product that works fast.

I started using the cream on my legs and arms and, after holidaying in the hot Adelaide sun and burning quite badly, it managed to clear up any problem areas in less than a week. I would both buy and recommend this product.
Rating: 4/5

On trial: Be Genki Serenity Hand Cream
The price: $28
The verdict:
I love this product. The Serenity Hand Cream is rich and moist and is one of the best hand creams I have used. The texture is fantastic and, although it takes a little while to rub in and is slightly oily, it makes my hands feel soft, smooth and fabulous.

The product promises to be a “luxurious and rich cream to keep your hands feeling soft, nourished and protected from day-to-day exposure”, which it definitely delivers. The underlying aroma of bergamot, rosewood, palmarosa, neroli and rose makes the cream a lovely indulgence.

The packaging is simple, in the usual Be Genki style, and includes a holistic statement that reminds you to make yourself a priority and highlights the importance of taking time out for the better things in life. I thought this was a lovely personal touch, which added to the experience of using the product.

After one week, my hands were in much better shape and my skin felt soft and lovely. I would recommend that this product be used at night, or when you have some time, as it does take a while to blend in. However, I think that is why the results are so great. It’s a quality product that provides a wonderful way to spoil yourself or a great gift for someone special. I will definitely be buying it in the future.
Rating: 5/5

On trial: Be Genki Tranquility Bath Oil
The price: $32
The verdict:
Be Genki is the Japanese word for achieving happiness, health and harmony within oneself, and what better way is there of achieving this than to use bath oil? The Tranquility Bath Oil is nicely packaged in a sleek, modern bottle and has fragrant notes of sweet orange, lavender, sandalwood and Roman chamomile.

The product promises to “leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised” and I have to say that it definitely delivers. The aroma of this product is absolutely fantastic. I can think of nothing better than a relaxing bath with the smell of sweet orange and sandalwood blending together. I definitely feel rejuvenated each time I use this bath oil and it leaves my skin feeling fabulously soft. Over the few days that I trialled the product, it definitely moisturised all of my skin and, teamed with the Sensuality Body Cream, made me feel like a whole new woman.

At $32 for 100mL, the Tranquility Bath Oil is quite reasonable, considering it consists of pure essential oils. I would recommend it to others and will buy it again.
Rating: 4/5

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