The Summer 2022 Nail Trends We’re Screenshotting For Our Next Manicure

The Summer 2022 Nail Trends We’re Screenshotting For Our Next Manicure

After a year full of loud colours, vibrant patterns and bold nail art, we’re already heading into 2022 on a serious manicure high. 

While there are some (ok, A LOT) of things we’d love to leave behind in 2021, we’re not ready to say goodbye to every nail trend the year brought us. 

So instead of entirely reinventing the wheel, we predict that 2022 will combine old classics such as neutral tones and clean nudes with some of 2021’s biggest trends, such as the thin-tipped French manicure taking on a fresh, bold twist.

Without further ado, here are the 2022 summer nail trends that we recommend you start saving to your manicure moodboard, today.

Clean Nudes

Nudes and neutrals may get a bad rap for being boring, but they’re also the most versatile, forgiving, and easy-to-wear colour options out there. So forget the naysayers, a clean, crisp nude will always be the little black dress of manicures — and that’s not about to change in 2022.


Almond Shape

In much the same way that we dress to suit our body shape or highlight certain features of our face to create definition, an almond shape for your nails will create the illusion of elongated and more slender fingers by widening your nail beds. 


Accentuate An Accessory 

Why not use your  manicure to enhance your outfit? Whether it complements your handbag, jewellery, eyeshadow or dress, colour coordination is key. 


You can even take it one step further and coordinate with your beverage of choice…

Subtle Patterns

In contrast to 2020 and 2021’s colours, patterns, and nail stickers in abundance, nail art in 2022 is all about adding subtle accents to a neutral manicure.


Bold Tips

After the year of manicure trends we’ve seen, we can all agree that the thin-tipped French mani is back. If you’re not ready to let go of this style, don’t fret, it’s coming with us into 2022. However it’s wearing a new, brightly coloured hat. 

We’re reworking an old classic by swapping out the typical white or cream tip with a shade that’s bolder, brighter, even sparklier. 

For a range of vibrant shades, we love the Mavala Switzerland POOLSIDE Color’s Collection ($8.50, Mavala Switzerland).



Wash Of Shimmer

To enjoy a little glitz, you don’t have to have your nails looking like disco balls. This season, we are loving subtle and sophisticated washes of metallic and shimmer polishes. 

We love OPI’s Infinite Shine range in the shades Throw Me A Kiss and Naughty Or Ice ($22.95, Myer).


Main image credit: @gel.bymegan

Which nail trends are you most excited for? Which did you love in 2021?

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  1. I painted my toe nails awhile ago and today decided to remove the polish. Oh my it did not want to come off. I rubbed and rubbed with the remover and eventually between the remover and my finger nails, I managed to remove it all off my toe nails. Why was it so difficult I wonder?

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