Top 200 Beauty Products Under $20 – Men’s

Top 200 Beauty Products Under $20 – Men’s

Buying beauty products for yourself can get exxy enough – let alone having to fork out for your man as well.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t still treat him. Be they for your bf, dad or little bro, here are the top 16 men’s beauty products under $20 (as part of our Top 200 Beauty Products Under $20 list).

Durex RealFeel Condoms, $9.99

“These are the best condoms I have used by far! It doesn’t feel like my partner is wearing anything. Both males and females don’t lose any sensation. Highly recommend them!”  – bh member Fly_Lie

Mitchum Clinical Anti-perspirant & Deodorant Sport, $12.99

“Hubby loved this product. He found it highly effective even through his hardest workouts. The texture reminded him of the coconut oil deodorant I used to make for him, but there the similarity ended. This is so much better.” – bh member CurlFriday

NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel, $5.99

“He was able to shave with ease and glide his regular razor over his face without any irritation. His skin is very soft and smooth now, almost like our baby’s bum! Haha – almost!” – bh member Candyfairy

Lush Breath of God Solid Perfume, $7.95

“My husband seems to have some odd skin chemistry – unfortunately, even the nicest fragrance can ‘turn’ on him, and smell awful. But this is one that had me sniffing him (in the nicest way) all day!” – bh member Chicklet

Dove Men+Care Anti-perspirant Deodorant Clean Comfort, $6.29 (122g)

“Bought this for my husband as I hate him using strong perfumes and deodorants. He loves it as it works, I love it for the smell. The product is gentle on the skin while still being a very effective deodorant.” – bh member Michelle240

Gillette Fusion HydraGel, $7.95 

“I would never go back to shaving cream ever. This is really moisturising which means there’s no dryness after a shave. The scent is nice and subtle. When paired with one of the fusion razors, it’s a winning combination.” – bh member Spmg

MooseHead Defining Paste, $9.90 

“My 20-year-old son is the hair gel king! He has tried so many different brands, but he really likes this one and continues to repurchase. It holds really well and the hold lasts for a long time. It smells really nice too.” – bh member Rose_P

NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, $11.14

“It’s a very lightweight cream which is easy to rub in and absorbs really fast. It soothes his shaved skin which is normally prone to a bit of shaving rash and has a really light and fresh scent that isn’t too overpowering. It leaves his skin soft and smooth.” – bh member Shelld79

LYNX Dark Temptation Body Spray, $6.29 (100g) 

“This is the best men’s deodorant ever. It has a unique smell of delicious chocolate with some masculine notes. I love it on hubby, it keeps him fresh for longer too.” – bh member Delicious Girl

Rexona Original for Men Aerosol, $6.83

“It has a masculine aroma that is soft and enticing, a very nice fragrance. My partner is pleased with the antiperspirant deodorant as it lasts the day, keeping him fresh and smelling fine, with no body odour.” – bh member talk-a-lot

Gillette Series Shave Gel, $6.20

“My husband uses this on his face and I use it on my legs. I always buy the sensitive and moisturising gel versions. They lather extremely well and make shaving quick and easy. They have a lovely scent too.” – bh member BrownEyedGirl79

Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash, $6.99

“It makes my skin smooth and moisturised, which is good since I hate applying lotions. I would recommend this to men who want a practical yet effective body and facial wash. In fact, I would convince my wife to buy me another bottle.” – bh member Jonathan Judd

Taft Full On Rough & Tough Styling Powder, $6.99

“This powder is revolutionary! Just tap some on your hair and voila, instant oomph, matte and grip. There is no residue whatsoever. The second the product comes into contact with your hair, it disappears.” – bh member Demaay

NIVEA Men Sensitive Moisturiser, $11.60

“Hubby’s review: The texture was light and my skin absorbed it straight away. There was barely a scent and my skin didn’t feel greasy or clammy. After a week of using the moisturiser I noticed my skin feeling smoother. My partner noticed a difference.” – bh member Beauty_genius

Gillette Fusion ProGlide™ Manual, $13.99

“After around 10 shaves I can firmly say that it’s the best manual razor I’ve ever used. The clearest gain is the number of effective shaves with one single head. At the 10th shave there’s still no evidence of skin irritation and green smoothing bar fade.” – bh member Lukic83

Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar, $4.99

“It has a fresh invigorating scent that’s almost citrusy and a creamy consistency once lathered. It left my body and face feeling refreshed without the dry feeling that ordinary soap gives and rinses off easily.” – bh member MaxPower

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*Star rating is correct as of 14/10/2015.

**Prices are correct as of 14/10/2015.

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