Time to trim

Time to trim

Beach season is soon upon us, whip out your bikini and prepare to bare just that little bit more. Yep, it’s time to trim your ‘nether region’ ladies…

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What is the best way to help prevent ingrown hairs when shaving?
Treat your skin to an invigorating exfoliation at least once a week, this will help prevent nasty ingrown hairs and keep skin super soft. For a smooth, close shave, it’s best to shave in a steamy shower or warm bath as your pores will be open and your hair more supple.

I’m sick of my runway strip, what kind of trim styles and shapes are in (and easy) for summer 2010?
There are many shapes to choose from (heart, circle, square, triangle) depending on the style you require but you can also vary hair length, and colour for added individuality.

Is it best to shave with or against the grain, why?
Choose a direction to shave in and stick with it. It’s normally best to shave against your hair growth for the closest, silkiest shave. Flip your Schick Quattro TrimStyle razor to the other end and discover the best length setting for your bikini area. When shaving under arms, shave from the bottom up and only go over the area once to avoid irritating the delicate skin.

Is there a best time of day to shave?
Try to avoid shaving when you first wake up as your skin may be puffy, which makes the job trickier. You’ll get a much better result if you can wait for half an hour or so – plus you’ll be more awake.

Have fun beautifying your bush – find the shape, length and shade that showcases your personality:

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