Did you know these things cause nail damage?

Did you know these things cause nail damage?

There are many things we do everyday that we know aren’t exactly good for us; like skipping breakfast, forgetting to put on sunscreen and drinking more coffee than water.

But when it comes to things that are bad for our nails (causing damage like breakage, splitting, and ridges) we’re probably less aware of the culprits. In fact, you may be quite surprised at some of the everyday things that can wreak havoc on your nails.

Thankfully, Sally Hansen have a Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment that can help to restore nails from all kinds of damage, including the effects caused by these four things…

#1 Acrylics and gel manis

The downside to most gel manicures and acrylics is they can weaken, dehydrate and even dull the nails. Sally Hansen Nail Expert Alison Bowhill-Hayes says, “I believe nails need to have oxygen [and] wearing some gel polishes is like wearing a coat of armour. They can be thick and heavy and block [the] oxygen transfer necessary to keep nails looking bright and maintaining moisture.”

Not to mention the removal can be a tricky process. “If you rip it off, you’re probably taking some layers of your nail off with it. This kind of damage can take over six months to repair.

“If you are tempted to remove it, be aware [that] when [the] peeling and lifting begins, water can seep into the nail, therefore it could harbor bacteria and possibly cause fungus.”

When it comes to minimising the damage of gel or acrylic manis, Alison recommends opting for manicures that don’t require UV light exposure. She also suggests giving your nails a break in-between these types of manicures. “Have at least a month rest to give nails a chance to repair and rejuvenate with oxygen.”

#2 Household chores

“Almost all chores will cause nails some problems, particularly when water is involved,” says Alison.

One certain chore most of us do daily without a thought about our nails, is washing the dishes. Detergent is used to rid dishes of grease and dirt, but some can also strip the hands and nails of natural oil and moisture. Not to mention other chores where hands are subjected to cleaning products and water, like hand washing clothes, scrubbing the bathroom or gardening, which are done almost every other day.

“Invariably nails that are up against daily damage need to be protected as they become dry and brittle,” says Alison. She recommends wearing “rubber [gloves] for washing up, cloth ones for outside and also try to avoid soaking nails in hot water – even when you’re having a bath.”

One more household item that causes nail damage (which we found totally surprising), is paper. Alison says it’s “one of the most drying agents possible” and you should pop on a pair of silk gloves if handling it frequently to protect your nails.

#3 Improper care

Even if you think you’re being diligent with your nail care routine, if you’re doing things incorrectly or too often you could be causing more problems than fixes.

When it comes to filing and buffing the nails, there are certain techniques you should adhere to in order to get the best results and minimise damage. “File in the same direction, and buff from the cuticle up to the nail tip – vertically not horizontally.

“Use scissors for soft nails when trimming and clippers for tough hard nails or toenails and always smooth the edges with a low grit file.”

Cuticle care is also just as important – you should never cut the live skin of the cuticle (only the dead, dry skin if needed) and use a cuticle oil, like Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil, frequently.

Alison also says to pay attention to the nail polish remover you use and opt for one with strengthening and conditioning agents in it, like Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover.

#4 Seasonal changes

It’s not just the needs of our skin and hair that changes seasonally, our nail health is also affected when going from summer to winter and vice versa.

While it’s not so much the environment itself that causes the damage, it’s the things we do because of the weather which can compromise our nail health, such as warming our hands too close to the heater or swimming without the proper post-care.

Alison says to minimise these effects you should “drink lots of water, use lots of hand cream and nail oil and don’t make the temperature [of your shower] too hot when you’re cold or too cool when you’re hot!”

Your nail saviour

It’s near impossible to avoid falling victim to the factors mentioned above – chores need to be done and heaters are a great way to warm up. But there’s one more thing you can do to help protect your nails from damage and restore their health.

Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment rejuvenates and protects dry and brittle nails, making them visibly healthier and beautiful.

It’s basically your one-stop-shop for stronger, hydrated, shiny and healthy nails. It contains avocado oil to moisturise, sea salt to brighten, calcium to strengthen and pomegranate oil to protect – working together to rectify damage and restore nails in just THREE DAYS, so all of your future manis will be flawless.

You can even still wear nail polish while you use it!

It creates the perfect foundation for your manicure, drying quickly and streak-free, making for a great base coat or top coat with any of your favourite Sally Hansen shades.

So now you have no excuses to not have strong, beautiful and healthy nails all year round.

Were you surprised by some of the causes of nail damage? Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment?

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  1. My nails are usually pretty good, but they suffer after too much nail polish. I usually wear nail polish for a while, and then take it all off and treat them with Revitanail or OPI Envy. Both of these work really well. I also find that a cuticle oil makes a big difference. I usually buy the Sally Hansen one. As much as I love having SNS done, I don’t do it very often because it destroys your nails. I only have it done if I’ve got a special occasion coming up.

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